What Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Married?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now begins the task of planning your dream wedding. The very first question you should be thinking of is – when? Objectively, what is the best time of year to get married?

Firstly, this really depends on the kind of wedding venue that you would ideally like. For example, if you are planning an outdoor wedding then the middle of January obviously won’t be suitable!

A good way to start thinking about the best time of year to marry is to base the season around the theme of your wedding (assuming that you have one in mind). For instance, if you already know that you will be basing your wedding theme around pastel colours, then a spring wedding will complement your theme wonderfully…


The season of rebirth and new beginnings is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot. It marks the start of your new life together. However, spring does bring with it a nervous apprehension of rain. Though, as April does produce some of the season’s most stunning flowers, perhaps it’s worth the risk!

What is the best time of year to get married?

If you have Irish connections, then a wedding around St Patrick’s Day could suit you perfectly. Consider a green theme with shamrocks and good luck for your marriage.

Moreover, you might actually have a better chance of snow at your March wedding than in winter, as a great deal of the heaviest snowfalls recently has occurred in early March. So, if you want your white (or green) wedding, March might be the month to pick.


To get technical for a minute, the reason for the multitude of showers in April is the jet stream. As the stream moves northwards in early spring it brings with it wind and rain from the Atlantic. However, compared to the summer and especially autumn, April is comparatively dry!


April showers bring May flowers. With the countryside awash with colour, everywhere looks photogenic. A lot of the flowers you want for your bouquet or decorations could be more readily available in this month. Furthermore, two bank holidays means your guests might not have to book time off work to come to your nuptials.


The most popular time to get married is mid-summer. And it makes sense! Bright sunshine makes for excellent photographs, and warm nights enable longer parties.

If you do wish to plan a summer wedding, you may find that lots of the venues you contact are booked up far in advance – so make sure you sign your contract early on!

What is the best time of year to get married?

Now, here’s a little June related fact for you. June is named after Juno – the Roman goddess of marriage and bridal fertility. Juno vowed to protect those married in her month and to guide them along in their marriage, an added bonus!

Besides, the sunshine in June is bright and the month includes some of the longest days of the year.


If you want an outdoor wedding, July might be the time for you. Balmy days mean all of your guests will appreciate being outdoors. Book a hog roast or barbecue to make the most of it and serve berries with ice cream. Though, do have an indoor backup in case of a downpour!


If you are planning on inviting any guests with kids, or children themselves, then August is your best bet. The summer holidays mean that children and parents have six weeks free to do anything – and your wedding could be one of those things. If you let guests know early enough then you can make sure your wedding plans don’t get scuppered by holidays. And, enjoy that sunshine!


Autumn weddings automatically conjure up images of beautiful crisp golden evenings, with colour perfect for creating an exquisite backdrop. If you are planning a wedding in a venue with a big garden, this is a fantastic season as you can make use of the setting to create some magnificent photos. Autumn weddings work wonderfully with dark rich colours such as deep purple, and will also be a great season for a rustic wedding.

What is the best time of year to get married?

The weather starts to cool down pretty early on in September, although there are still days of glorious sunshine. If you happen to capture one of these, the sunsets leave the sky bright with fantastic colours. Unfortunately, plenty of other couples know how good September is for a wedding, so you will have to book fast.


Halloween at the end of the month could be a great wedding theme idea for an unconventional couple. Otherwise, make the most of the food that is in season. Plenty of local vegetables, from kale to wild mushrooms, start to grace dinner plates. Incorporate pumpkins into your menu and your venue decoration.


We have written an article about Bonfire Night weddings, and this could be a perfect theme for you to adopt at a November wedding. Imagine fireworks, a warming fire, and all the sweet food of an autumn fair. You could even serve mulled drinks as your guests prepare for the festive season.


Although it’s a busy time of year for corporate events, weddings in winter aren’t that popular. Therefore, prices for suppliers tend to see a drop. You could take advantage of this, but you need to book early.

What is the best time of year to get married?

December is a brilliant time to marry because of the excitement and charm that Christmas brings. Most of your guests will already be in good spirits, and lots of people will have booked time off to spend time with their family around this time of the year – so they should really be able let your hair down at your wedding. You never know, it may even snow on the day to create a truly enchanting and romantic atmosphere for you and your wedding party.


As the New Year starts with a bang, so too can your marriage. If you choose a January wedding then guests are likely to be less busy than at Christmas time.

Though of course, you may have guests’ resolutions and budget watching to contend with. And, a tiny 1% of couples choose the month to get hitched, so you should have your fair choice of venue and suppliers.


The month of Valentine’s Day is a romantic time to tie the knot. Besides, you’d be unlikely to forget a 14th February wedding anniversary. Moreover, as the rest of the country gets overcome with bears holding love hearts, you might as well capitalise. The light is slowly starting to return after the long winter. Book your wedding for February and have something to look forward to.

No matter what time of the year, just remember to let your guests know far in advance to be sure that everyone you love us able to attend – after all, that really is the main thing!

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