First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Paper

Congratulations, you have survived a year of married life together! It has been 365 days, also known as 8760 hours or 525600 minutes, since you tied the knot. Now it’s time to celebrate your first anniversary, and what better way than to give the traditional gift of paper?

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Top 5 Wedding Marches

Many of us make lists of the music we want to play at our wedding reception, but we may not realise the true storytelling power of wedding ceremony music. To most of us, hearing strains of some of these songs puts us immediately in mind of nuptials. Few would deny that music plays an important part in every wedding, whether it is religious or civil. No matter whether traditional or modern, beautifully chosen music adds to the atmosphere and character of every wedding ceremony.

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Top 10 Indie Rock Wedding Songs

Thinking about your music choice and playlist at your wedding can be daunting. After all, you have a large number of guests to cater for and you will need to create a playlist with something for everyone.

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Top 10 Classic Rock n Roll Wedding Songs

This is another of our popular Top 10 series featuring music you should include at your wedding reception. This time, we are looking at rock n roll.

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