History of Wedding Photography

Everyone loves having photos of their special day to look back on for years to come. Booking a professional photographer for your wedding day may come without a second thought. However, this never used to be the case. Today, we’re looking back at the history of photographic technology, and wedding photography.

World War II-Themed Wedding

Although the years from 1939 to 1945 were full of tragedy, that didn’t stop plenty of couples from tying the knot. In fact, it may have encouraged premature nuptials as soldiers wanted to protect their sweethearts financially during World War Two.

Celtic Wedding

If you’re interested in Celtic tradition, or you have Irish, Scottish and Welsh heritage you may want to consider holding a Celtic wedding.  It would be great if you could celebrate your wedding in a manner that truly connects with your heritage.

1980’s Themed Wedding

If themed weddings are totally your thing, why not consider transporting your wedding day back in time, to the bright, techno and quite frankly ‘out there’ period of the 80’s?

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