Is it worth getting a wedding photo album?

Today we have a guest post from one of our favourite Wedding Secret featured suppliers, the South Gloucestershire-based Lizzy May Photography. Lizzy’s discussing the topic of wedding photo albums, and whether it’s worth purchasing them at all. Read on and enjoy:- Wedding photo albums – are they worth it? As a modern bride, you’re probably […]

What are the advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer?

Why hire a professional at all? Having photos or a video taken at your wedding derives from the need to capture, preserve and eventually enhance memories of your amazing day. But an interesting question that many couples may ask is whether they need to hire a specialist professional at all. Often, this decision boils down […]

Wedding Photographer Travel Costs

Travel Costs You have finally chosen your wedding venue and everything is slowly coming together – the next thing on your list is to book your dream wedding photographer. Yet despite all of the incredible packages on offer, you need to anticipate travel costs. Most of the time these are speculative especially if your dream […]

Wedding photography copyright : Do I own my wedding photos?

Time to look at your wedding photographs! So your wedding is over. The honeymoon has been and gone, and as you shake the sand out of your feet and moisturise your sunburned skin, you may think it’s time to look through your wedding photos. Don’t copy them just yet It’s very likely that your photographer […]

A royal wedding history : Andrew, Edward, Charles and Camilla

Prince Andrew’s Wedding – 23rd July, 1986 Andrew Albert Christian Edward, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, and Sarah Ferguson were married on 23rd July, 1986. As with the majority of the royals since the early 20th century, they married in London at Westminster Abbey, with a television audience of 500 million worldwide. Queen […]