When Should My Wedding Finish?

Your wedding day is one that you spend so long planning that you’ll wish it will never end. But whilst it may sound appealing to have as long as possible to celebrate your nuptials tiredness will creep in. You would be surprised how a day full of excitement (and alcohol!) can have an effect on you and your guests’ stamina. As a result, you need to set a finish time.

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Wedding Venue Licensing: A Quick Overview

Venue licensing is a long and complicated topic. Has it got you scratching your head? If you’re confused about the legal aspects of getting married, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Are The Usual Wedding Video Packages And Prices?

In days gone by newlyweds could sit down with their wedding album and relive some snapshots of their day. Now, full feature-length films can be provided to really bring the memories of your wedding back to life!

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Non-traditional Wedding Ideas

A non-traditional wedding could be perfect for a couple trying to break the norm. In days gone by, of course, marriages were for convenience of connection rather than for love. In fact it is only relatively recently that we see love as a requirement for tying the knot.

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Disney Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo

In 2010 former bridal designer Alfred Angelo teamed up with powerhouse Disney to create a unique collection of Disney wedding dresses inspired by renowned princesses. Brides were able to look like real princess on their big day by investing in a gown that was influenced by their favourite characters.

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