Top 10 1980s Wedding Songs

From cheesy romantic ballads, to high energy dance tunes and well crafted pop hits, the ‘80s produced a plethora of superb songs perfect for a wedding

Top 10 Singalong Songs

No wedding is complete without a packed out dance floor full of tipsy guests prepared to sing their heart out way into the night – but which songs are sure to go down well?

Top 10 Songs To Get People Dancing

Your wedding day is celebration and no great party is complete without some fab music! If you’re looking for some guaranteed floor fillers on your big day take look at the list we’ve compiled below.

Shakespeare Wedding Readings

William Shakespeare is one of the cult figures in English history and a literary visionary. His artistic expression through words has contributed a great deal to British society, culture and language. Hence, his passages are revered, remembered, and recited time and again.

Tips For Your Festival Wedding

Festival weddings are increasingly popular and we totally understand why! A celebration of music, food, the arts and culture, festival style nuptials are a great way for brides and grooms to go against the grain and channel their personalities on their big day.

Wedding Fireworks – Can I Make a DIY Wedding Firework Display?

You’ve sorted all the essentials and it’s now time to organise some excellent entertainment for your wedding day. What better way to ensure your special day goes out with a bang than with mesmerising fireworks? Although they’re the perfect grand finale to your celebrations, a few factors need to be considered.

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