8 Non-Religious Wedding Readings For Couples With Taste

Modern weddings have moved a long way from the traditional ceremonies of yesteryear; the bride and groom can see each other the night before, the white dress isn’t a necessity and same sex marriage has been legal since 2013. It seems like every aspect of a wedding has been modernised. So why wouldn’t you do […]

How to Give a Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Expert advice on how to put together a loving and funny (and not embarrassing) Father of the Bride speech Okay dads, this one’s for you. Your little girl is getting married and, as tradition dictates, she’ll be looking to you at the reception to give a Father of the Bride speech worthy of your love […]

Wedding Checklist – A 12+ Month Countdown to Wedding Success

The question’s been popped, and now it’s time for wedding planning! If it all seems a bit overwhelming, do not fear, as The Wedding Secret has compiled a handy checklist, perfect for the organisation of your big day! Straight after engagement… Celebrate! Tell family and friends the great news. Start by announcing to your closest […]

The Gluten Free Wedding Cake Guide

Why Gluten Free Wedding Cakes? Whether the bride or groom is gluten intolerant, or a member of the wedding party cannot eat gluten containing products, gluten free wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Nobody wants to be unable to eat their wedding cake or ostracise guests due to health reasons, and thanks to baking developments […]

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Sponsored Post Unsure what to give as a wedding gift or how much to spend? Or perhaps you’re the couple and instead of a gift you’d like to ask for honeymoon money, but aren’t sure of a polite way to do so? To unveil the mysteries of wedding gift etiquette, this week we’ve spoken to […]