Is it worth getting a wedding photo album?

Your wedding day will be a fantastic occasion. Surrounded by your nearest and dearest, you’ll make lots of happy memories to cherish. However it’s sure to be over and done with in the blink of an eye!

So after all of the painstaking planning and joyous celebrating on the day itself, you’ll want the entire occasion to be captured. Photographing those moments enables you to look back on them time and time again and enjoy snippets even you might have missed.  

wedding photo albums

Amongst the immeasurable amount of ways to display your wedding photos, there’s a reason why the traditional wedding album is still a firm favourite.

We’re going to be discussing whether it’s worth investing in a wedding photo album and if so, precisely why. So, if you’re on the fence or are simply looking for some gentle guidance, see what we have to say below.

Wedding photo albums – are they worth it?

As a modern bride, you’ve probably been bombarded by the HUGE amount of choice out there. It’s tricky to know what route to go down for the flower arrangements, let alone the photo arrangements.

If all you know is that you want the very best photographer, that’s fine! You’re off to a good start. Although, along with the very best photographers come high price tags. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of budget on your photographer, it may mean foregoing purchasing an album or prints.

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However, the brides and grooms we’ve spoken to all agree, it IS worth having your photos printed in some way. In this digital age it’s easy to forget how beautiful physical images can be.  Despite this, it’s still tricky to know what type of album – or photo display – to go for.

So we know it’s worth having printed versions of your wedding photos along with digital copies. We’re here to discuss your options and we’ll also get opinions from some newlyweds on the subject.

Option 1 – Save up for a great digital album

One bride, Helen, has already had her dream wedding and is saving up for an album from Folio, ready for her anniversary in July. Folio offers an excellent range of wedding photo albums depending on your preferences.

Their digital presentation options allow couples to share their images via electronic devices and often offer slide shows too. From unique key USB sticks to DVDs, whatever you choose can sit in a beautiful presentation case with bespoke cotton and fabric aesthetics.

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Most photographers will also offer digital albums and might give you the option to purchase a digital album at a later date.

Helen opted for a digital presentation case with prints. She explains, ‘Frankly, they cost around £500, but they’re worth it. They’re printed on recycled and sustainable wood-sourced papers, and are printed right here in the UK.’ 

‘Your photographer will probably offer you a book similar to this, printed on photographic paper, which will last for a lifetime and make your photos look their best. They do cost, but they’re like pieces of art to treasure forever. Any good photographer will let you save up to purchase at a later date.’

Option 2 – Photobook

If you can’t wait for your hand-made album from your photographer, or if you’d like a cheaper option try shopping around for a lower-priced photobook.  Companies like Blurb and Bob Books make really stunning wedding photo albums.

Often they are printed on paper which has photo or linen covers. Obviously every provider varies, but you can find more inexpensive options for £50 – £100.  You can design your album yourself and choose your colour scheme and layout for an entirely bespoke product. Alternatively you could ask your photographer to design it for a small fee if you’re not particularly creative.

Although you’ll save some pennies, this option requires time and organisation. Also, these books definitely don’t have the same image quality or longevity as the more expensive albums.  However, if you’re creative and love some DIY fun, you’ll save a considerable amount of money.

Option 3 – Box of prints

Many couples are now opting for a box of prints rather than an album that you can flick through. The box itself is wrapped with an image, looks really smart, and is a fraction of the cost.

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Although they look lovely and are more of a unique way to arrange your print photos, you can’t easily flick through them like you can with an album. Not only do you lose the fabulous layout of an album which makes them so special, but the images are also more likely to get damaged or lost.

However the photos are of a great quality and printed on proper photo paper. They make quite a nice stop-gap until the album is ready, so you have something to show your friends and family. They could also be sent out as little gifts for your loved ones.

Option 4 – Make your own traditional album

John Lewis has some lovely ready-made albums to choose from. Not only are they a lot more inexpensive, but they are pretty and easy to use.  Although here’s a tip, don’t opt for the self-adhesive pages, as the glue often lasts just a few years then dries and all the photos slip around!

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Instead it’s a great idea to buy an album with card pages, and tissue in between. All you need are photo mount corners, and away you go!  They are quite delicate, so ensure you’re careful as you insert your images so that you don’t damage any of the tissue.

If you’re the crafty type, you can completely make your own! This is a sure-fire way to ensure your album is exactly as you would like it. You can choose what type of embellishments you would like to add and make it entirely personal to you. Pick up a collection of fantastic supplies and get crafty.

wedding photo albums

But be warned, this is work for very careful hands! But it will save you a considerable amount of money that you could put towards an exceptional photographer. After all, it’s the images themselves what will be documenting your special day so you want them to be perfect.

And finally, whatever you can afford, just make the most of your photos and you’ll enjoy them forever! It’s easy to forget how wonderful print photographs are in this digital age, but we promise you it will be worth it.

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