The Vegan Wedding Cake Guide

What is veganism? Veganism as a movement has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years. The lifestyle has been chosen by people who wish not to consume animal products, and more and more people are becoming aware of the incredible benefits that can be had by adopting this lifestyle – not […]

The Gluten Free Wedding Cake Guide

Why Gluten Free Wedding Cakes? Whether the bride or groom is gluten intolerant, or a member of the wedding party cannot eat gluten containing products, gluten free wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Nobody wants to be unable to eat their wedding cake or ostracise guests due to health reasons, and thanks to baking developments […]

Provide your caterers with a seating plan

Wedding catering advice Whatever delicious option you’ve chosen for your wedding food, given them as much info as possible is only going to be helpful. If that’s the in-house team at your venue, or a bespoke hired-in catering company, when you are planning a wedding breakfast it’s a very good idea to give them a […]

Wedding Menu Tasting : Wedding Venue Advice

Wedding Menu Tasting   The term ‘wedding breakfast’ comes from the concept that it is your first meal as newlyweds. Traditionally, couples used to fast before their wedding and then break their fast after their vows. Therefore, this momentous meal certainly needs careful consideration, whether you would call yourself an avid foodie or not! It’s […]

The Wedding Breakfast : What food should I serve?

You will want to serve your guests food and other refreshment as part of your wedding celebration. In the past, it was traditional to get married in the morning and to serve wedding guests a slap-up sit-down lunch afterwards. These days, arrangements can be much more flexible. Both the style of wedding you choose and […]