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Bridal Jewellery: What to buy and how much should you spend?

For every single bride, bridal jewellery is a must, even if it is just a simple pair of earrings or an elegant headpiece. With so many options and with every aspect of your wedding costing, you’ll need to figure out how much to spend.

Jewellery and Budget

Firstly, you’re asking the wrong question. It should be how much do you want to spend? You need to consider what you want above all else, not simply what we are suggesting. We don’t want you blowing half your budget on jewellery and then regretting it when you don’t have money for the DJ.

Generally, every bride has a completely different budget to another. First of all, refer to your budget. The main thing to begin with is figuring out where and what you want to focus the budget on. If you are a girl who loves to accessorise, then spending a little bit more on jewellery makes sense.

Bridal Jewellery

Remember: this might be the only thing you buy for your wedding that you are likely to wear again. Consider this when buying it as it may be jewellery you wear to special occasions for years after!

If you’ve got comfortable spending room for whatever takes your fancy, then don’t worry about splurging. However, we wouldn’t recommend going overboard.

Each wedding is different. You may have some of your accessories taken care of already through family heirlooms, or you may just be looking to do things on the cheap.

The good news is: less is more when it comes to choosing bridal jewellery. Let your dress take centre stage. If your dress is particularly detailed, adding accessories can make you look a little garish.

wedding jewellery

However, if you have chosen a plain dress, accessorising will complete the look. Consider a statement necklace or earrings (but perhaps not both, choose one or the other).

The golden rule of choosing wedding jewellery: dress first, accessories second.

Low budget options

Don’t despair if you don’t have a lot to spend…instead, consider the materials used in today’s bridal jewellery designs. For example, gold may prove to be too costly for you, but sterling silver can offer a “white gold” effect for much less money.

Precious gemstones can be dauntingly expensive and if you have not guessed already, diamonds are particularly high-priced. Using cubic zirconium stones (man-made diamonds) is the best option if you want a large solitaire stone (or accent stones) in your bridal jewellery.

Similarly, lab-created emeralds can provide a welcome shot of color (“something blue”) that adds depth and brightness to your wedding pendant or earrings. Lower-priced, semi-precious stones are also great choices – topaz, citrine, and garnet are popular choices.

Silver and lab-created or lower-priced gemstones are the best options for stunning bridal pieces. You’ll save money, and you will still be able to find artisan-crafted jewellery that is made by hand.

Where should I buy?

As well as the question of what to buy, where you buy it is also important. If you want to be budget savvy, you should really consider where to buy your jewellery from.

If you’re lucky enough to be a Brummie, you have the Jewellery Quarter right on your doorstep. As a national treasure, it’s full of hundreds of specialist dealers and traders and prices usually come out much cheaper than a high street shop. This means you can get beautiful and quality jewellery for a fraction of the price.

Wedding jewellery

Be Thrifty

Buying second hand jewellery in a local vintage shop or market is also a fantastic idea, particularly if you are having a vintage themed wedding. If you know where to look, you can find some absolute gems.

Alternatively, second hand jewellery shops are a great place to look. Often costing half as much if not less than the original price, these are the places to go if you are after a piece that is beyond your budget.

Something Borrowed…

You don’t need to buy any of your accessories. If you know your mother or one of your friends has a gorgeous necklace that would look wonderful with your gown, ask to borrow it for the day.

Alternatively, hire wedding jewellery through a reputable business for real jaw-dropping pieces.

Complementing Your Dress

Strapless: for many brides, this seems to be the go-to wedding dress. If you choose this shape, you can dress it up any way you like.

A great way to balance out a heavily embellished strapless dress is to add matching hair accessories and a bracelet…maybe some understated earrings too.

wedding jewellery

Always accessorise as little as possible if you have an ornate gown and take care not to compete with your dress.

Spaghetti: pendant necklaces look fantastic with spaghetti strapped dresses. Pair with simple earrings and a bracelet for that natural, fresh bridal look. Nobody likes a try-hard!

wedding jewellery

V-shape: this dress shape is heavy on the neckline, so you’ll need a necklace to fill in the bare chest! With this statement piece hogging all the limelight, ignore earrings and use minimal accessories in your hair (if any).

Round or scoop: because this cut can get quite high, you might be better off focusing on a pair of beautiful, feminine earrings than a necklace. Polish off the look with a pretty bracelet.

Sweetheart: concentrate your accessories on your head, with the sweetheart neckline, as it’s such a beautiful cut that it needs to be left undisturbed. A pair of chandelier earrings would also look great.

wedding jewellery

Halter neck: this sexy style only gets confused if you accessorise it with a necklace, so go for stunning earrings and a matching bracelet instead.

Reflect Your Style

If diamonds aren’t your best friend, don’t start wearing them on your wedding day! If you’re not into tiaras, then don’t choose to wear one. Pearl girls should stick to what they know – and that goes for any type of jewellery you feel comfortable with.

Just because it’s a big day, doesn’t mean you should completely transform yourself. Stick to what you know and love.

Wedding jewellery

Ultimately, you should express your personality in your accessories. If you like to stand out then choose unique statement jewellery to compliment your gown and complete the look.

Nod To The Theme

It’ll be strange if you turn up to your vintage-themed wedding dressed like a modern princess. Reflect the feel of your ceremony in your choice of jewellery.

wedding jewellery

If you’ve gone for a sophisticated soiree, wear pearls. For a glitzy and glam affair, diamonds are for you. Weddings are better when every single detail is thought. You’ll thank us later!

The most important advice to take away is to spend as little or as much as you like!

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