Should I Get Married Around Christmas Time?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a Christmas wedding, we ask? A white wedding with a white Christmas would be a truly wonderful sight.

Think roaring fires, twinkling lights, frosty mornings, and delicious hearty food, and above all the possibility of snow! In fact, with all the good cheer and celebrating, the wedding spirit is very much in the air.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

So, there are numerous advantages – and a few disadvantages – to getting married around the Christmas period. If you’ve been contemplating a Christmas wedding celebration, you’ve come to the right place. Let us break it down for you.

Let’s look at the positives first:

Cheaper Wedding Venue Hire?

If the venues that you are looking at hire exclusively to weddings (no parties or corporate events), then it’s likely they will offer a reduced rate to hold your wedding there. This is due to the fact that Christmas is a relatively unpopular time of year to get married.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

You might be able to get some great winter deals or Christmas packages that will make a significant reduction to the cost of hiring your venue.

Combine Celebrations

The concept of getting married at a time of year when spirits are high may be appealing to you. You can also imbue present-giving, parties, stags and hens with a truly Christmassy feel.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

Moreover, it tends to be a time of year when all the family get together anyway, so all of your loved ones should be around and available. Whilst everyone is in the mood for parties and excess, make the most of it.

It can certainly take the pressure off your DJ for what songs to pick, though you can choose lesser known tunes if you’d rather.

Be Unique

It’s something that many couples just won’t think about. This means your wedding will be memorable and unique!

Forget summer weddings, helplessly crossing your fingers for a dry day or hoping that people won’t have already booked their summer holiday. You won’t have to compete against as many people for your wedding date either.

should i get married at Christmas : Christmas wedding

Plus, the coming of colder weather will forever remind you of your wedding day – so you’d better make it a good one!

The Weather

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” Imagine a white-iced wonderland curling and circling across the church or over the rolling countryside and your reception venue. Even if it doesn’t snow, conjure up the image of a crisp, golden, frosty morning, with the grass crunching underfoot. Lovely. Imagine a roaring fire and the smell of pine; perfect snuggling weather.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

Moreover, you can use the chill to your advantage. If you serve warmed alcohol like mulled wine, it could be cheaper and go down more slowly than flutes of chilling champagne. And who wouldn’t appreciate a warm cocoa?

The Theme

If deciding on a colour scheme has got you scratching your head, Christmas makes your choices easier. Go for a traditional red and green, or a more formal white and blue, and embrace the festive décor.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

Meanwhile, while candles look elegant at a summer wedding, they come into their own around Christmas time. The flickering light casts a romantic glow and will keep all of your guests in the mood.

Go all out with a sleigh and reindeer (horse and carriage) and a mighty Christmas tree. Pile the table with crackers and decorate the ceilings with tinsel. And certainly don’t forget the mistletoe!

And, unfortunately, the negatives:

Is it Actually Cheaper?

A wedding venue that doesn’t deal exclusively with nuptials will be piling in the Christmas parties this time of year. This means there will be little change in prices, and some may even charge more! Plus, other suppliers may be booked up with festive events and you might have to pay a premium.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

Furthermore, if you have booked separate venues for your ceremony and reception, remember that the roads will be busier. Therefore you will need to account for longer to travel between the two, and budget this in to suppliers’ time, too.

The Busiest Time of the Year

Remember that your wedding day also marks your anniversary for the rest of your life. Coinciding your anniversary with Christmas may be too stressful for some – think of all the organisation!

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

You may also not want to overshadow your anniversary with the celebrations of the Yuletide. Plus, friends and some family members may have prior arrangements as it is a busy (and expensive) time of year for everyone.

Cold and Rain Anyone?

Snow is great and very pretty, but relatively impractical, especially when it comes to travel. Cold weather needs to be prepared for: think heat-lamps and hot fires.

Winter in the UK also brings rain more often than snow. Bear in mind that many people get married in the summer to make the most of the better weather and avoid grey and gloomy days.

should i get married at Christmas: Christmas wedding

You are restricted in the clothing you can wear. While you may be smitten with the idea of a short, sleeveless dress, that just won’t be practical in the depths of winter. However, there are plenty of options for capes and long-sleeved dresses that could take your outfit up a notch.

The weather might also force you indoors. So, if you’re dreaming of an alfresco wedding celebration, a Christmas wedding is not for you.

Too Dark Too Early

The solstice of winter towards the end of December means that there is not going to be much daylight for your celebrations. This means that you may want to start the day a little earlier, and prepare for encroaching darkness!

should i get married at Christmas : Christmas wedding

It also means that you will have less time for those all-important wedding photographs because you will lose daylight very quickly. Although, this might work in your favour if you want a short celebration and don’t know how to kick guests out!

Deciding the date of your wedding is an extremely important aspect of the planning process. In conclusion, you should think hard about whether you want your wedding, and anniversary, to fall around Christmas time!

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