Finding the Perfect Page Boy Outfits

If you choose to have children at your wedding, it can be nice to get them involved in the ceremony. It stops them from being bored! A lot of couples choose to have flower girls and page boys – but what should they wear?

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

As with choosing dresses for your flower girls, it is important that your pageboys feel comfortable in their little outfits. You want to do everything you can to avoid a tantrum on the day!

However – generally speaking – it can be even harder to take page boys shopping, as little boys tend to not care so much about looking beautiful on your big day. They may be prone to making a fuss when standing still for long periods of time – particularly while you dress them up!

So, here is some advice for what to buy, and how.

What should my page boys wear?

Think about the colour and style of your wedding. Try to find a suit that complements your theme, as well as your wedding dress. It will also help to have a clear image in your head of the style of suit your fiancé will be wearing, as traditionally pageboy outfits are similar in style.

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

Typically the groomsmen wear identical outfits, and they are usually very similar to what the groom himself wears. Therefore, you could send all the boys shopping together. It will give them time to bond, and help the little one feel like a bigger part of the process.

Furthermore, how adorable would it be to have your page boys in identical, tiny versions of your betrothed’s suit? Otherwise, if they are really opposed to shopping and your theme is fairly neutral, find out what he wears to school.

If your page boy already owns some smart trousers and a white shirt, you may only need to find them a matching tie and some smart shoes and their outfit is complete!

Where should I buy the outfit?

You are most likely not looking for something too specialist, so a department store may be your best first bet. As page boys are usually so young, high street shops tend to sell their outfits by age; however, this does not necessarily mean the best fit, so it really is essential that your pageboys try them on!

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

Specialist wedding boutiques will usually work from measurements in order to achieve an accurate fit. If you think your pageboys may make a fuss of being measured in a shop, you could always take the measurements at home beforehand.

Furthermore, sending him shopping with the rest of the boys will give him a chance to feel like he is part of the wedding, and he can have more of a decision on the overall look of the outfits.

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

It is ultimately your decision to select the page boys’ attire, but you could consider letting the boys choose a little part of their outfit – such as their shoes or socks! If they feel involved in the decision-making, they are much more likely to behave themselves, both during the shopping and on your wedding day!

And remember to have a look at your local area on The Wedding Secret to find a menswear shop near you!

What should I measure?

Firstly, take a note of each child’s height, right from the top of his head. Next, measure his waistline followed by the fullest part of his chest, and finally, his neck.

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

Once you have your child’s measurements written down, you’re set to go! In order to carry out a productive suit hunt, it’s probably best to start with an image in your head of the kind of outfit you are after.

A good beginning would be to get online and familiarise yourself with pageboy suits that are commonly available, as these are likely to be similar in style to the outfits you’ll find when you start shopping.

As with flower girl dresses, don’t choose your pageboy outfits too far in advance, or they may have outgrown them before your wedding date comes around!

Who pays for the pageboy outfits?

This is always an awkward topic. As a result, if you will be including young children in your wedding party, make sure you tell their parents as soon as possible so they have time to get used to the idea. They may offer to pay for the outfits, and if not, most brides tend to compromise.

You could suggest that while you will pay for the suits, the parents could pay for accessories such as the shoes – after all, they can always wear these again!

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

How do I stop tantrums?

Some small children are likely to find the idea of being the centre of attention a little daunting, so it’s best to let them know as soon as possible in order for them to grow comfortable with the idea.

It is more than likely that small boys won’t be familiar with wearing formal clothes, so after you have chosen their outfits, make sure they are able to prance around the house wearing their new clothes before the big day! As well as preparing them for the wedding, this will also allow time for them to let you know about any annoying rubs or itches!

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

Consider allowing him to add a bit of his own personality in ways that won’t detract from the overall look. For example, encourage him to wear his favourite pants, or find him some cool socks. If he’s excited about something he’s wearing, he is less likely to complain about something else.

What is the difference between a page boy and a ring bearer?

Traditionally, page boys used to follow the bride down the aisle holding her train. Nowadays, they tend to walk ahead holding hands with the flower girl.

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

A ring bearer is someone who carries the ring down the aisle on a special wedding ring cushion. Often this is simply symbolic and fake rings are used. Of course, it would be devastating – and too easy – for the rings to go missing! Nevertheless, it is an extra level of responsibility for small wedding attendees.

If you want a page boy to have more responsibility, or you feel he would benefit from having a purpose, you could promote him to the role of ring bearer. Or, you don’t have to have a ring bearer at all. They are still common in other cultures, such as Spanish-speaking countries, but less so in the UK.

Finding the perfect page boy outfits

Finally, with this advice we hope you can find the perfect page boy outfit. Do let us know if you had a page boy at your wedding in the comments below!

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  1. Such great pics!!! I remember when I had to buy these suits for my kids. I am always amazed at how quickly time passes, it still feels like when I was buying christening outfits for them. I struggled to find somewhere reliable for my page boy outfits but for the Christening outfits I found Christening UK to be REALLY helpful!!!

  2. I am in love with these striking boys’ communion suits…. Amazing patterns, fabulous colors…I am really going to fill my closet with all of them.

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