World’s Worst Wedding-Wear

World’s Worst Wedding-Wear

Whatever you vision wearing on your wedding day, one often wants to create a romantic and effortless concept – as your wedding is one of the few days to properly create a princess/goddess fantasy and feel your very best.

With the plethora of wedding dress styles to choose from, every bride is spoilt for choice. Whether you are opting for traditional nuptials or perhaps something more fashion forward, bridal designs are constantly being created or recreated. Yet there are definitely some that can be considered ‘out there’ even for the most alternative and unusual bride.

As much as we celebrate individuality at The Wedding Secret, and are respectful of different brides budgets, sometimes we do question the who, the what and the why some wedding dresses are made.

A few of the dresses in the collage are worn by models on catwalks. They appear ‘avant-garde’ in style, therefore perhaps one can forgive and believe they were purely an artistic creation rather than with a desired consumer in mind.

It is not uncommon for outlandish, and inventive fashion designs to appear on the catwalk especially from renowned designers like Alexander McQueen. I can hardly see the most alternative of brides wearing a dress that has octopus tendrils escaping from its skirt!

One of the most forgivable of the bunch is the satin cowl neck dress on the bottom collage. The dress itself harks back to a 1920’s era and is a flattering minimalistic style that is popular on brides today. However, the ensemble is remarkably overshadowed by the top hat and hyperbolic feathered cape. Interesting and unique pieces on their own but when thrown together, the overall look is messy.


However, some of the others are less forgivable. A few brides do desire a sultry appearance on their wedding day with a sexy figure hugging gown and there is nothing wrong with that – especially if it makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Some of the designs below verge on skimpy rather than sultry, and we can’t help but hope they weren’t too cold in the process of saying their vows! The lace top and white hotpants is a far cry from elegant bridal, yet I suppose her husband to be was in a similar get up, so its not as outrageous if both parties commit to the look.

One that we know certainly wasn’t cold during their wedding is the full knit ensemble in the first collage. Whilst a knitted wedding dress, could be beautifully bohemian and vintage with its textured, crochet appearance, we personally think that this one is possibly over stepping the mark – but perfect for if you want to get married in Antarctica!

The last one for us to explore is the themed wedding ensemble in the first collage. We are assuming that is a science fiction themed wedding after the popular series of Star Trek. Fully committing to a wedding theme adds a fun and informal spin on your wedding day.

Yet, it could either go one of two ways, either looking amazing or dropping like a lead balloon and looking cliché. We think that this wedding may have gone with the latter, but if they have had fun then that is all that matters!

Have a browse below and pick which one is your favourite or perhaps your least favourite is more fitting…

Most of these dresses were found at – and there are plenty more to see on this site!

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