Choosing Wedding Underwear

Your wedding dress is, of course, the most important thing you will be wearing on your wedding day. Although, that is not to say that nothing else is important. When it comes to what you will be wearing underneath, your wedding underwear, you need to put some thought in.

choosing wedding underwear

Though many people take much thought and time over what their dress will be on the wedding day, your bridal underwear may come as an afterthought. Choosing the most decadent dress might mean you need something more functional than a beautiful silken piece of underwear. There are a range of different styles and shapes to choose from and at a variety of price points.

Choose your wedding gown before your lingerie!

Firstly, it really goes without saying that you will need to choose your wedding gown before buying matching lingerie. Once you are aware of your dress’s design, fabric, colour and style, it will be a million times easier to find underwear to complement it.

The style of underwear you choose will inevitably depend on the shape and style of your gown. For example, if your dress is strapless, you will need a strapless bra! Consider the structure of your gown, as this will also influence the underwear you should choose. Think, for instance, does the dress feature in-built cups that will offer support?

choosing wedding underwear

Make sure the bra you choose is comfortable; after all, you’re going wear it for a long day surrounded by admirers and cameras! Always try the bra on with your dress to ensure that it suits the gown and cannot be seen.

Make sure that you take your chosen underwear along to fittings of your bridal gown so you can see how the underwear looks under the dress and if you have made the right choice.

Types of underwear

Bridal lingerie, like the wedding gown itself, has an air of femininity and delicacy. Often made from soft lace, or silky satin, this underwear is meant to be romantic and luxurious.

From balconette, to non-wired soft lace bras, shapewear and corsets, there are plenty of beautiful shapes. It may be worth investing in two pieces of underwear, one for practicality and another for the wedding night that is more sultry and elaborate in style.

choosing wedding underwear

You don’t necessarily have to go for bridal ranges if you want the bridal aesthetic. Most high street brands create underwear that is in pale hued tones and might be at a cheaper price point. Some of the best reputable high street brands to look at are Boux Avenue, Ann Summers, Marks and Spencer, ASOS, and Victoria’s Secret. If you prefer a more luxe bridal then take a look at Agent Provocateur, and La Perla.


Similarly to your wedding gown, choose your bridal lingerie in white, cream and champagne hues. Go for pastels if you want a gentle pop of colour. Bridal aesthetics are often dreamy and feminine; therefore this is the case at most bridal lingerie brands.

choosing wedding underwear

Definitely choose a pale hue if you are wearing a white, ivory or cream dress. However, if your dress is untraditional and a more vibrant hue, go for something unique. Veer away from the classic and embrace something sensual and colourful. And keep it a secret from your other half!

Think about the material of your gown

If your dress is made from slinky light material, wearing knickers that are too frilly or elaborate may cause the design to show through the gown. On the other hand, a dress with layers of tulle can hide your panty line.

choosing wedding underwear

Meanwhile, some gowns work perfectly with corsets. They will, of course, give you an emphasised waist. But as we have all heard, they aren’t the most comfortable of undergarments. Comfort really is key on your wedding day, so don’t ignore this in favour of style. Remember, you can always have one set of underwear for the day and another for the night…

What shape is your dress?

The type of underwear you need will most likely be defined by the shape and style of your wedding dress. Again, this is the case for the underwear you are wearing all day, and not necessarily your wedding night lingerie.

choosing wedding underwear
Sheath Dress

Go for a slip, as this will make sure there are no visible lines under your dress. Shapewear would also be a good idea if you are worried about the natural lines of your body.

Mermaid Dress

The shape of a mermaid dress is very figure-hugging. It is a great excuse to show off the natural curves of your body. That being said, it is important to make sure there are no lines of underwear to detract from the effect. Find shaping lingerie, preferably high-waisted or a one-piece.

choosing wedding underwear

A lot of gowns with this silhouette already have inbuilt support. If yours does not, or you find you need some extra support, definitely find a matching colour bra. Look for a bustier to uplift your breasts and flatten your stomach. Meanwhile, you can wear whatever pants you want! The fabric is loose and no panty line will be seen.

A-line Dress

In the same vein as the ballgown, you likely won’t need to worry about what pants you are wearing. However, it is best to pick something nude in colour just in case you can see through. Meanwhile, look at the neckline of the gown. If it is strapless, find a strapless bra. But, if it has a high cut then you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

choosing wedding underwear
Backless Dress

It goes without saying that you need a backless bra, or no bra at all, if you have a backless dress. Backless bras come with adhesive sides to keep them up. Above all, make sure that you get practice wearing a bra like this as it can feel strange and you need to be comfortable on your wedding day.

What other underwear should I consider?

Although bras and pants are important, don’t forget the other bits and pieces. Will you be wearing stockings? If so, bring several backup pairs in case of holes or ladders. If you choose to wear a suspender belt, make sure that it, too, suits the shape of your dress.

choosing wedding underwear

You may also choose to wear a garter, as is wedding tradition since the Middle Ages. Historically, men would rush the new bride and try to take her garters for a prize. Later, the new husband would take the garter off and throw it to the male guests after the bride threw her bouquet. This was actually used as a distraction technique to stop people from tearing at the bride’s wedding gown. Nowadays, a groom might remove the garter with his hands or teeth before throwing it to unmarried men after the ceremony.

As with any part of your bridal attire, don’t leave buying your lingerie to the last minute! Save yourself stress by buying ahead, giving yourself time for exchanges or refunds if you discover the items don’t fit with your gown.

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