Arctic weddings

Today we are casting our net a little further in search of the most unusual wedding venues across the world!

In-fitting with the impeding cold and the approaching winter, we here at the Wedding Secret thought we would don the fur coats, dust off the gloves and warm the thermos, and take a look at unusual places to get married in the far, far north.

Where to get married?

There are plenty of novel places to get married in the arctic. Popular venues include ice hotels, ice palaces and even igloos! Of course, there are plenty of normal wedding venues to get married in too.

Of course, if this is all feels like fantasy, you can browse our list of UK wedding venues here.

Why would I want to get married in a cold place?!

Countries within the arctic circle offer prolific and relatively cheap access to snow sports including skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiles. Imagine walks and hikes in stunning national parks, warm cabins, crackling fires and the spectacular celestial display that is the northern lights.

Countries and areas to get married in

We’re going to concentrate on the European Arctic Circle countries within Scandinavia (and Iceland), thanks to their close proximity to the UK. Though other Arctic Circle areas such as North Canada, Greenland and Russia may be just as valid!

The Lapland regions of Finland and Sweden

Finland– specifically the Lapland province in the north- which offers the coldest and most remote area to get married in! Finland is full of forests, lakes (mostly in the south) and beautiful, relatively flat countryside. For beautiful surroundings and access to ski resorts, then try the area of Levi (which is within the arctic circle).

Technicalities– Marriage between foreigners within Finland is completely legal. The majority of churches and clergymen in Finland are Christian Lutheran, and require you to present proof of baptism before you can get married.

If you want a civil ceremony and you are both non-Finnish, then you will need to reside within the local area that you are getting married in for 7 days minimum before you can apply for a license!


The sparsely populated northern areas of Sweden, (Norrland and Lappland) contain 6 national parks, a whole range of mountainous and beautiful landscape.

If you are looking for an artic wedding, then travelling far up north to the secluded Kiruna- the most populated town within Swedish Lappland would be a good base from which to organise your wedding celebrations.

Technicalities– Weddings in churches are perfectly legal, along with same-sex marriages (for both church and civil ceremonies). If you want to have a non-religious civil ceremony in Sweden, then getting married in a town/city hall would be great for you. The Stockholm City Hall, for example, makes getting married easy, even if you are foreign to the country. You can then undergo an epic and beautiful journey up north to the Lappland area to enjoy a wedding reception!


The volcanically-active island of Iceland is a beautiful country, half of which lies in the Arctic Circle.

Legal issues

It is possible and legal to get married in most of these countries- by civil ceremony or religious wedding- these marriages will be recognised by the UK government. But the process of proving a valid and foreign marriage license can often be complicated.

Overall, it is worth having a simple registry ceremony in the UK (or your country of residence), and then travelling out to these locations for a full and beautiful blessed ceremony. This won’t require you to undergo the complicated residency rules, acquire the Certificate of No Impediment, and will reduce potential language barriers!

The Arctic is a fantastic destination to hold a wedding that is a little different. But even if it doesn’t suit you for your wedding celebrations, it certainly will make a good honeymoon destination!

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