Unusual Wedding Themes: Vintage Kitsch ’60s Wedding Theme

Are you looking for an alternative wedding theme that will make your celebration stand out from the crowd? Do you want a theme that will allow you to express your individuality without breaking the bank? Why not recreate the swinging ’60s style revolution?!

60s wedding

The 1960s brought the explosion of youth culture in the UK. It featured revolutionary clothes designed by Mary Quant and worn by Twiggy, and revolutionary pop music from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

An exciting and exuberant decade, it was full of youthful enthusiasm. Everybody wanted to have fun. Therefore what better period to choose as the theme around which to base your wedding!

Dress In The style Of Twiggy And Mary Quant

In terms of fashion, the 1960s brought a complete style revolution. Out went fuss and frills and in came straightforward, easy-to wear-clothes in bright colours.

Hemlines went up and classic simple shapes were all the rage. For the women, a shift dress with and flat shoes and bobbed hair would look the part.

60s wedding

Meanwhile, men could choose to rock any of the different looks from the decade. Firstly, the business look: opt for a suit in a muted colour with a skinny tie, and maybe a fedora and trench coat.

Secondly, the mod look can be achieved with Chelsea boots, pressed chinos and a parka coat.

Thirdly, the Beatnik fashion needs only a turtleneck and a monochrome wardrobe. Finally, the hippy movement was formed of bell-bottoms and psychedelic prints with a bright Kaftan jacket thrown on top.

60s wedding

These are all looks that are easy to recreate. For example, you could spend many heavenly hours hunting through the racks of retro clothes shops to find the perfect vintage outfit.

On the other hand, you might prefer to find a modern take on the ’60s theme from a present-day wedding designer. In summary, there are plenty of tasty options to choose from for men and women.

Collect ’60s Memorabilia To Set The Scene

If you’re a vintage collector, a ’60s wedding theme gives you a perfect opportunity to indulge your passion. Market stalls are often full of ’60s memorabilia at very reasonable prices.

The possibilities are endless. You could collect piles of old ’60s pop magazines in order to create collages to decorate the wedding venue. Alternatively, you could assemble ’60s china and ornaments to give an authentic touch to the table decoration on the day.

60s wedding

Don’t forget vinyl records – some can be picked up for next to nothing from charity shops. If you think outside the box, these can be used as table markers or even be hung from the ceiling for unusual décor.

Vivid Orange And Pink Set The Scene

The ’60s was a period of luminescent bright colours: London-bus red, shocking pink and fluorescent orange come to mind. Place these colours at the centre of your venue decoration plan and the period comes to life before your eyes.

60s wedding

The brighter elements are, the more everything else fades into the background. Therefore, your colour scheme could help to create a vintage glow on photographs. Certainly, this is helped by a skilled photographer.

The art world was experiencing big changes. From pop art to op art, the ’60s had it all.

60s wedding

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans was finished in 1962, as was his Marilyn Diptych. His screen-printing technique celebrated the block colour use of the decade.

Subsequently, Bridget Riley, with her eye-catching abstract op art designs led the design scene in the ’60s. This confusing form of art from optical illusions was certainly helped to popularity by drug usage of the day. However, the individual pieces have strong links to mathematics in order to get the illusions to work.

60s wedding

Embrace these art trends and the intention that came with them. Be bizarre. Serve an op art wedding cake, or maybe even one designed like a Campbell’s Soup tin. Additionally, have your favourite artwork iced onto shortbread as favours.

A Wedding Band Playing ‘60s Hits

Nothing brings a period to life better than the music that represented it. To many of us, the clock goes back as soon as we stick some tunes on.

60s wedding

The Sounds of the Sixties makes perfect wedding music. It is joyful, light-hearted pop music that is very easy to dance to. Consequently, everyone knows the lyrics and the rhythm!

The ’60s was when popular music came into its own. No longer were growing teens forced to listen to their parent’s classical music collection. Radio Caroline hit the airwaves and, across Britain, teenagers could find their own music taste.

60s wedding

All You Need Is Love, and the flower power 1960s were great for spreading music with that message. Firstly, The Beatles were kings. From ‘Love Me Do’ to ‘From Me to You’, the ’60s radio stations were deep in Beatlemania. Next – of course – The Rolling Stones released great hits like I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)’ and ‘Honky Tonk Women’. Finally, Jimi Hendrix and such hits as ‘Foxey Lady’.

Of course, if music is really your thing, you could recreate a version of Woodstock by playing songs from some of the artists who performed or were asked to attend.

60s wedding

Ask your wedding band or DJ to include the great hits of the time, including the brilliant Beatles classics that encapsulated the period. The dance-floor will be full until sunrise!

Turn Up In Style

There are many cars from the 1960s which you can still get hold of today. From Volkswagens to Vespas, the decade was full of models that we recognise.

60s wedding

For a more traditional ’60s vehicle, consider going for a Rolls Royce or a Daimler. If you want to rock the mod fashion, speed off on a Vespa motorbike.

Likewise, a VW Beetle or Campervan is going to let everyone know your wedding theme. If you want to push the boat out even more, have a literal boat, done up with ’60s accessories. On the other hand you might find a vintage bus.

Most importantly, however you turn up to your 1960s theme wedding, make an entrance!

If you are looking for an unusual wedding theme that has plenty of room for creative interpretation, then look no further than the 1960s. With revolutionary music and fashion, it’s the perfect hook on which to hang a unique and original wedding celebration.

60s wedding
60s wedding

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