Iconic Wedding Dresses : Marilyn Monroe

Iconic Wedding Dresses : Marilyn Monroe

On January 14th, 1954, Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe married her second husband, baseball player Joe Dimaggio, during an informal wedding ceremony in San Francisco.

The couple first met after Dimaggio saw a photo of Marilyn alongside his teammates, and asked the photographer to set the two up on a date. Marilyn wasn’t too keen on meeting Joe, as she expected him to be the typical baseball-playing ‘jock’; however, Joe must have exceeded her expectations, and the two quickly fell in love. During their honeymoon in Japan, Monroe was asked to perform ten shows in just four days for over 100,000 servicemen – which conquered her fear of performing in front of large audiences.

Understated Bombshell

In contrast to her extravagant glamorous onscreen image (and first wedding dress), for her second wedding Marilyn opted for a low-key chocolate brown pencil dress and jacket, featuring a cute white fur peter-pan collar. She carried with her a small bunch of orchids, and despite her understated appearance, Marilyn still looked absolutely radiant, and it’s clear to see that she was bursting with excitement on her wedding day.

Short-Lived Marriage

The marriage lasted just 10 months, which was reportedly due to violence. Despite going on to marry author Arthur Miller, it was rumoured that Monroe and Dimaggio never really fell out of love, and had planned to remarry in August, 1962, which sadly turned out to be the same month as Monroe’s death.

Monroe’s wedding outfit was sold at auction in 1998, fetching $33,350. Her wedding ring was also sold, and the 35-diamond band was missing a diamond, to symbolise the unfilled promise of the couple’s love.

Following the return of peter-pan collars to the high street last year, Monroe’s timeless, classic and iconic gown wouldn’t look too out of place today – an amazing 57 years later.

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