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After receiving lots of positive feedback from the English Wedding Infographic we released earlier this year, here at The Wedding Secret we’ve decided to look local, starting with Bath and North East Somerset!

Surrounded by picturesque countryside, this golden world heritage city is a wonderful place to get married. With a history strongly represented by the Roman and Georgian periods, Bath’s town centre displays a blend of spectacular architecture, and from exquisite town houses to scenic mansions in the nearby countryside, in terms of venues, couples are spoilt for choice!

As you can tell, we think that Bath is a fantastic wedding location, but how many others agree?

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Weddings in Bath

(Data has been gathered from the office of national statistics)

In the last statistical year, there were 1,244 marriages in Bath and North East Somerset.

10 Years of Weddings in Bath

Compared to 4.3 weddings per 1000 people in England, there are 7 weddings per 1000 people in the city of Bath!

Wedding Popularity in Bath

This makes Bath the second most popular place to marry in England, with 62% more weddings than the average local authority!

The graph also displays that weddings in Bath are on the up – perhaps the rising selection of stunning venues has something to do with this!

Wedding Ceremonies in Bath

Bath has 4% more civil ceremonies than the average local authority, suggesting that couples are travelling from other areas of the country to get married here, and therefore are unable to get married in a religious venue.

71% of couples getting married in Bath are getting married for the first time – 5% more than average – looks like Bath is a popular first choice for weddings!

Bath Marriage Trends

Despite carrying out 62% more weddings than other local authorities, Bath on average actually has 1% less married couples living in the area, this is another suggestion that couples are travelling to Bath especially for the big day.

Marriage Demographics in Bath

As Bath has two universities, there are a high number of students living in the city, which perhaps explains why 3% more of the Bath population are single compared to the average local authority.

Population Density of Bath

As you can see from the above statistics, despite the large number of weddings, Bath is not a densely populated area – it is surrounded by miles of scenic countryside – which is probably why so many people get married here!

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