The Only Wedding Planning Tools You Need

The question has officially been popped along with copious amounts of champers, you can’t quite stop scattering #engaged on any social media post you make and you are in complete and utter bliss.

Then the realisation kicks in that you now have potentially the biggest event and party you’ll ever have to plan on your hands – and time is ticking.

Whilst many brides love the planning process, some aren’t such big fans and often wax lyrical about how tricky it is to keep everything in order and in one place. Step in AKA your new best friend.


It is here to save you from any wedding planning woes (or meltdowns as friends often do!) and ensure it’s a fun process all round. With free online wedding planning tools, extensive supplier and venue search along with daily inspiration, you can finally keep all your wedmin in one place.

So, prepare to be that smug friend who finds planning a wedding ‘an absolute breeze darling’ as we talk you through some of the fab features available to you on their website.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Once you’ve entered into your profile the date of the wedding, you can then head over to your checklist. Here you’ll see broken down what you need to be tackling each month to stay on schedule.

You can explore expert tips for each category and have that super satisfying feeling of ticking areas off as you go along.

If there’s something specific to you that needs sorting but it isn’t on the checklist, you can simply add this in and customise the list to suit you.


Budget Tracker

An area that is always tricky to navigate is how much you should be spending on things in relation to your chosen budget. With the website’s intelligent budget tracker, it will automatically breakdown for you how much is recommended you spend on each category based on your budget.

As you tick things off your checklist, you can then log on your budget tracker how much you actually spent per supplier so you can have a firm idea of where your budget is at all times.


Guest List and Table Planner

If you aren’t aware already, you might want to prepare yourself for the joys of RSVP’s, or should I say non-RSVPs! Luckily, with the Wedding Planner Guest List function it should help make things a lot easier.

Here you are able to log who’s coming, whether it’s for the full wedding or just the evening and when finally all your replies are in you can simply download the guest list as a fuss-free PDF to share with your suppliers. You can then use the table planner to drag and drop your wedding party onto the various tables, whilst working out what the table names will be too.


Search and Enquire with Venues and Suppliers in Your Area

Explore all the wonderful venues that are available in your area and for your chosen date with their expansive venue search with lots of gorgeous locations up and down the UK.

While you’re getting your venue sorted, explore all the talented suppliers in your area that will ensure the day is perfectly ‘you’.

With a focus on clarity and transparency, all of their venues and suppliers display an accurate price range so you can know straight away whether they will be within your budget or not, along with reviews from couples who have been their customers previously.


Inspiration Pages

If you’re baffled by wedding etiquette and need some styling ideas, then the inspiration section has got you covered.

Focusing on the latest trends, inspiring real weddings and how-to guides to help you navigate the wonderful but sometimes difficult world of weddings, they aim to make the whole process fun with stress kept to a minimum!

So if you are primed and ready to absolutely master your wedding planning, sign up for your free wedding tools here.

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