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Following the success of the English Wedding Infographic we released earlier this year, here at The Wedding Secret we’ve been working through statistics from our local areas, next up – Somerset!

A rural county bordering Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Devon, Somerset is famed for its beautiful countryside, picturesque towns, rolling hills and scenic landscapes – and that’s probably why so many couples choose to marry here!

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Weddings in Somerset

(Data has been gathered from the office of national statistics)

Here at The Wedding Secret, we’ve found out that in the last statistical year, there were 3,834 marriages in Somerset.

10 Years of Weddings in Somerset

In the last statistical year, there were 4.3 marriages per thousand people in England, compared to 5.2 marriages per thousand people in Somerset!

Wedding Popularity in Somerset

This makes Somerset 20% more popular than the average English county, and the 24th most popular area to marry (out of 119)!

These statistics suggests that Somerset is such a desirable location to tie the knot, couples are travelling from all around the country to get married here!

Wedding Ceremonies in Somerset

Somerset has 5% less civil ceremonies than other parts of the country, implying either that couples in this area are slightly more religious, or perhaps Somerset has a larger selection of religious venues.

Somerset Marriage Trends

The graph above seems to explain these contrasting figures. On average, Somerset has less young people living in the area, which would explain the low single population. Similarly, the county has a lot more people aged 47+ living in the area, which would explain the high percentage of married couples – people move to Somerset to settle down!

Population Density of Somerset

As demonstrated above, although Somerset is one of the most populated counties, it is one of the least densely populated (106th out of 119) – a reflection of the vast amount of beautiful countryside that surrounds this part of the country!

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