Iconic Wedding Dresses : Yoko Ono

It is time we looked back at John’s iconic wedding to Yoko Ono in 1969.

Yoko Ono was second wife to John Lennon after John’s earlier marriage to Cynthia Lennon. As an artist, peace activist, musician and poet, she certainly is an incredibly creative woman. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were one of the most infamous couples around. They were constantly in the media and limelight for their efforts to spread peace and end wars.

Having met at a preview of Yoko’s art exhibitions in London in 1966, the pair took to each other and started a relationship 18 months after their first meeting.

Their relationship caused controversy at the time and has been blamed for the separation of the world’s biggest band, The Beatles.

John was besotted with Yoko. She was a strong, determined and liberated woman and they never spent much time apart from each other. Yoko even came along to The Beatles recording sessions which clearly angered other members.

The Wedding

John married Tokyo-born Yoko Ono in Gibraltar on the 20th of March, 1969, just two days after Paul McCartney married his first wife Linda. Originally wishing to get married on a cross channel ferry, Yoko was denied access on the ferry due to her not being of English nationality so the couple settled to wed in Gibraltar.

The ceremony was a low key affair, lasting only ten minutes at the British Consulate Office.

Always sporting a very distinct look Yoko was never a person to be conventional or play by the rule book. Her chosen wedding outfit for the special day was iconic as it was memorable.

Yoko Ono’s Wedding Style

Yoko went for a casual, laid back look to reflect their modest wedding ceremony. She wore a simple, cute crepe mini-dress, which even in the late ’60s was still seen as quite a controversial choice.

She teamed her dress with white knee-high socks, a felt sunhat and oversized sunglasses, looking every inch a hippy ’60s bride. Not wanting to look too extravagant or wasteful, Yoko rather oddly wore white tennis shoes to the ceremony.

Lennon matched his wife, wearing a white suit and turtleneck. The pair looking perfectly coordinated.


The Honeymoon Bed-in


Perhaps even better remembered than Yoko’s unusual wedding attire was the couple’s honeymoon that was to follow. Wanting to make a statement, the couple intended to dedicate their marriage to peace as much as they could.

After the ceremony, John and Yoko retired to the presidential suite of the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam. They promptly took to the large bed and stayed there while the world’s media gathered round to take pictures.

Their ‘bed-in’ lasted for seven days and was televised all around the world. John and Yoko used their time in the spotlight to draw attention to the state of the world, advocating world peace.

The couple recorded The Wedding Album on their return to London, which immortalised their feelings at the time, and their favourite wedding photo was featured on the front cover.

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