What Are The Usual Wedding Video Packages And Prices?

In days gone by newlyweds could sit down with their wedding album and relive some snapshots of their day. Now, full feature-length films can be provided to really bring the memories of your wedding back to life!

Investing in a wedding video is a great idea for anyone who wants to watch their special day unfold. That being said, they vary a lot in price. Like photographers, videographers break down the different levels of what they can offer into various price categories.

video packages and prices

Things like the length of time they’ll attend your wedding, the quality of production you desire, the amount of editing required and the number of videographers will all define each package.

Packages themselves are given a specific graded title, relating to the quality of the final product. Each videography company will differ in their approach to these. If we’ve lost you already, don’t worry! We’ve put together an easy guide that draws from the videographers’ work that we’ve seen.

Furthermore, how you want your final film presented will change the price, or perhaps company, that you are looking for. Whilst some offer DVDs, some post the videos privately online, or produce a USB in a beautiful presentation box.

video packages and prices

Be aware that there are a variety of different styles of video, and different types too. Make sure you do your research on your local videographers before you book one for your big day.

Type of Video

Most videographers will produce several edits of video for you after the wedding. These might include a highlights reel with all the best bits, a montage of film and photography put to music, uninterrupted footage of vows and speeches, and short clips for you to post on social media.

Although your wedding day is the main event, there are other related occasions where you might employ a videographer.

video packages and prices

For example, an engagement video shoot is the perfect time to get comfortable in front of a camera and to show your chosen expert what it is you’ll be looking for. Furthermore, you could arrange for a camera to be present at your proposal for an extra level to your final film.

Another way to get to know your videographer before your wedding day is through a love story film or a concept video. In other words, these are films that describe who you are as individuals and as a couple. All of these ideas could be used to advertise your wedding, either through a wedding website or via a link on your invitations.

video packages and prices

On the wedding day itself, look out for videographers who can offer a same day edit. This involves a small amount of the footage taken during the day to be cut together and displayed at the reception, usually before the speeches. Asian weddings may also ask for a next day edit, so the events of one day can be shown the following morning. Be aware that both of these will carry hefty price tags as they require a lot of work.

Styles of Video

Like photographers, each videographer will have their own way of working. Whether you choose one that prefers documentary style over cinematic is up to you. However, remember to play to the strengths of your videographer; your wedding day is not the time to experiment.

If you are really interested in film, you might seek out a concept videographer. That is to say, a filmmaker who specialises in scripted videos. This may involve interviews with your family before and during your wedding.

video packages and prices

On the other hand, the documentary videographer sticks to the continuity of the day. If multiple cameras were present, they can intersperse shots of what happened at the same time, or else move from one location to another. The shots are kept clean and crisp.

Meanwhile, a more cinematic videographer will look out for shots during the day that can add a spark to the finished piece. They might use slow motion, saturation and a range of transitions to help them tell your story.


Now you know what it is that you want from a videographer, here is a breakdown of some of the packages you will be looking at. Above all, remember that most people will be happy to build you a bespoke deal if you want something different out of your package.

Many videographers have packages listed on their websites similar to those mentioned below, but often these are open to negotiation – so, for example, if you want a mid-level package but with only one camera-operator, then the price may be reduced from its normal range.

Entry Level

Entry-level prices can range from £500 to £700 and tend to include the basic coverage of your wedding. This is likely to be the five hours or so from the arrival of your guests at the ceremony venue through to the cutting of the cake at the reception. This may often include the travel time between the ceremony and reception, so watch out. Videography companies are likely to send out only a single camera-operator for this level of package.

Mid Level

This can cost anywhere between £800 and £1200 and will be an improvement on the Entry-level package in many aspects. These packages usually cover most or all of your wedding, from the bridal preparations to the last dance. More than one camera-operator will attend the wedding, the DVD may have more features like behind-the-scenes and chapter selection, and more DVDs will be included in the final product.

High Level

These top-level packages are often the full works: access to the best equipment the company has to offer, two or more camera-operators, full-day coverage, extensive DVD features and extra DVD copies. Some companies have some extras included here, like mini-websites featuring a short biography and footage from the day. These can cost anywhere between £1300 and £2500.

Ultra Level

Be the star of your own film! For wedding films above and beyond the call of duty, an Ultra-level package is what you are looking for. This is where the cinematic capture of your day will resemble a short feature film. These are highly thought-out sequences and storyboards, right through to tracking shots and intricate lighting. Moreover you may even get drone footage. This can cost from £3000 upwards.

Many videographers have packages listed on their websites similar to those mentioned above, but often these are open to negotiation. So, for example, if you want a mid-level package but with only one camera-operator, then the price may be reduced from its normal range.

video packages and prices

Overall, price is determined by the amount of labour that goes into your DVD. Entry-level DVDs may be cheaper, but present a much simpler and perhaps less entertaining package, whereas Ultra-level examples tend to be on the more expensive side, but with correspondingly spectacular results. Bear in mind that the company will devote many hours of its time to editing your wedding together after the big day.

Thank you to Portobello Films who have been kind enough to send us some examples of their wedding videos.

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