What are the advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer?

Why hire a professional at all? Having photos or a video taken at your wedding derives from the need to capture, preserve and eventually enhance memories of your amazing day. But an interesting question that many couples may ask is whether they need to hire a specialist professional at all. Often, this decision boils down […]

Wedding Photographer, Edinburgh : Alastair Burn-Murdoch Photography

Alastair Burn-Murdoch Photography Edinburgh wedding photographers Alastair and Rose Burn-Murdoch run their photographic company out of Loanhead, just south of Edinburgh, and have been inspiring and capturing the hearts and minds of marrying couples from the Borders through Midlothian and the Glasgow region to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland for the past 12 years. “…a vivid and touching […]

Emotive, atmospheric wedding photography from Helen Abraham

Helen Abraham Every once in a while, a prospective bride will come across a wedding photographer who well and truly stands out from the rest. London wedding photographer Helen Abraham sits atop the shortlist of many such brides-to-be, and for good reason. Helen has been photographing weddings full-time across the world for over four years now, and consistently introduces a tangible, […]

Wedding Photographer, Chester : Celynnen Photography

Celynnen Photography If you are looking for a personal, proficient and professional wedding photographer to capture the essence of your wedding day, then the studio at Celynnen Photography is more than worthy of your consideration. Chester wedding photographers Ioan and Nicola Said have been running this company for the past six years from their base in the picturesque village of Pen-y-cae, near Wrexham […]

South London Wedding Photographer : Carla Thomas

Carla Thomas Photography Carla Thomas has been photographing weddings throughout the UK for well over nine years now. With an extensive background in portrait photography, this London wedding photographer’s relaxed and natural ability to deal constructively and creatively with her clients allows her services to stand out from the crowd. “Individual, personal and visually glorious wedding photography…” The images, and how Carla achieves them […]

Wedding Photography, Leicestershire : Kach Photography

Kach Photography Considering Leicestershire wedding photographer Peter Kaczorek’s extremely reasonable rates, and observing the well-rounded, excellent quality of his images, this is not a wedding photographer that you will want to pass up! Ever since migrating to the UK from his native Poland, Peter has been imparting his excellent take on photography, modest pricing, and a keen eye for graphic design to the happy couples of the Midlands for over […]

Beautiful reportage wedding photography in the South West : AVA Images

Beautiful reportage wedding photography in the South West : AVA Images 2012 West Country Wedding Award finalists AVA Images pride themselves on beautifully capturing natural, fleeting, spontaneous moments at very affordable prices. Comprising three skilled professional photographers, Hannah, Nick and Emma, AVA Images have been offering high-quality, creative and contemporary wedding photography in Devon and […]