Top 10 Indie Rock Wedding Songs

Thinking about your music choice and playlist at your wedding can be daunting. After all, you have a large number of guests to cater for and you will need to create a playlist with something for everyone.

One of the most popular forms of music over the last 10 to 15 years is Indie Rock. Admired amongst slightly alternative couples, indie music finds its way into the charts every now and then, so would have been heard by pretty much everyone at your wedding.

We thought it was about time we tried to come up with some appropriate modern Indie wedding songs for you to include on your wedding day playlist.

We’ve tried to pick a spread of songs from the ‘90s to the modern day. The selection below is a fairly good representation of a variety of musical styles – some might be suitable for the First Dance, and others might work as floor-fillers later in the evening.

Regina Spektor – Us

Spektor’s haunting vocals are at their very best in this absolutely beautiful song. The lyrics detail a hopeful future – just like the newly-married couple are looking forward to.

Elbow – One Day Like This

An anthemic piece by the Manchester-based Mercury Prize winners. Uplifting and positive, this song can’t help but create a happy mood.


Yellow – Coldplay

Although many people associate Coldplay with being quite depressing and far from upbeat – this is the song that pioneered Coldplay’s breakthrough into the pop mainstream.

Although you may not be able to dance properly to this, it’s definitely a sing-a-long song where guests will probably have one arm, if not two in the air.


Bones – The Killers

Some synthy pop from The Killers. We think it’s a love song, although you can never be quite sure with Brandon Flowers’ lyrics!

There She Goes – The La’s

A ‘90s classic from Liverpool Britpop act The La’s. There has been some debate about the actual subject of the lyrics, but if you imagine it’s a love-song, the words are beautiful and the melody is upbeat.

Wonderwall – Oasis

Not an obvious love-song – it seems strange to compare your betrothed to a nice wall – but everyone will be singing along by the time the chorus kicks in!

It’s an absolute classic tune, which will be remembered for many years to come. A timeless track  you must include on your playlist!

Tender – Blur

A 7-minute epic from Damon Albarn and the boys. “Love’s the greatest thing that we have…” – You couldn’t put it better. Sums up your wedding day.


You and Me Song – The Wannadies

“You and me, always, and forever…” – These words could almost replace your wedding vows! It’s such a beautiful and heartwarming song

Of course, you don’t need to include every single one of these songs on your playlist but these are suggestions and will hopefully give you ideas.

As always with our Top 10 lists, we are aware that we may have missed out some classic songs. We’d love to hear any of your suggestions – just leave any comments you might have in the space below!



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