Iconic wedding dresses of the ’70s

Iconic wedding dresses of the ’70s

As man-made materials were a lot more accessible in the ’70s, more and more brides were able to afford beautiful, extravagant gowns.

High, modest, Victorian-inspired necklines were popular throughout this decade, as were long, flowing Camelot sleeves, which were loose at the top and tightly fitted at the wrist.

Brides ofter teamed their long, voluminous gowns with full detailed trains for dramatic effect.

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Bianca and Mick Jagger, 1971

Far from the modest neckline we just mentioned, when actress Bianca Macias married Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, she wore a tailored Yves Saint Laurent jacket, minus the blouse. Breaking with tradition, instead of your average veil, Bianca’s was attached underneath a large, oversized hat.

Princess Anne, 1973

On her wedding day in London in 1973, the Queens only daughter Princess Anne wore this high-collared white silk gown with excessively long sleeves that were typical of the time.

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