Iconic wedding dresses of the ’70s

’70s fashion encompassed various different styles, the era was host to an array of trends, some of which are making it to the catwalks today. Whether that’s flares, over-the-knee suede boots, folk-inspired printed dresses, turtle neck jumpers or denim dresses – we all probably have a few sat in our wardrobe, that we may have even purchased recently.

With mass-market trend-driven fashion starting to lift off, a variety of styles started to take shape. The hippie look, the rise of casual chic sportswear, disco, and of course punk. The ’70s stressed individuality, the beginnings of expressing yourself with clothing. Vogue is famously quoted for saying that ‘there were no rules in fashion anymore’.

Androgyny also played a big part, with silhouettes for both men and women becoming increasingly similar. Women started to wear trousers more than ever, and outfits for both genders consisted of a tight top half and a loose bottom half. With high-waisted trousers frequently being worn by both men and women. The ’70s also saw the birth of anti-conformist fashion; jumpers, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers were making a grand appearance.

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Though the white or ivory wedding dress, popularised by Queen Victoria, has stood the test of time due to its romantic nostalgia, wedding dresses of the ’70s were rebelling. Bridal dresses were starting to change and evolve; from the classic long-line silhouette, to women opting for white jumpsuits or pantsuits. Following suit brides of today are now branching out and opting for colours, florals and a range of styles and lengths.

The ’70s in particular had an interesting take on bridal wear. As man-made materials were a lot more accessible in the ’70s, more and more brides were able to afford beautiful, extravagant gowns. High, modest, Victorian-inspired necklines were popular throughout this decade, as were long, flowing Camelot sleeves (which were loose at the top and tightly fitted at the wrist). Brides often teamed their long, voluminous gowns with full detailed trains for a dramatic effect.

Going with the theme of the ’70s being all encompassing, where there was no dominant trend, wedding dresses ranged from hippie frocks to fairy-tale princess gowns, pantsuits to punk-influenced dresses. It also saw the revival of ’30s and ’40s silhouettes. Elements of Victorian and Edwardian fashion were also creeping back in, for that rustic feel.

Take a look at some famous examples below, whether the high-collared gown of Princess Anne or the ground-breaking suit worn by Bianca Jagger.

Bianca and Mick Jagger, 1971

Far from the modest neckline we mentioned above, when actress Bianca Macias married Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, she wore a tailored Yves Saint Laurent jacket, minus the blouse. Breaking the tradition, instead of your average veil, Bianca’s was attached underneath a large, over-sized hat.

Princess Anne, 1973

On her wedding day in London  in 1973, the Queens only daughter Princess Anne wore this high-collared white silk gown with excessively long sleeves that were typical of the time. The Tudor-style, raised neck gown, with its feature medieval sleeves was an iconic wedding dress that encompassed the varied styles of the ’70s.

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