Congratulations, you have survived a year of married life together… 365 days, 8760 hours and 525600 minutes. Now it’s time to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, and what better way than to give the traditional gift of paper?

We have come up with several brilliant first wedding anniversary gift ideas that will have your partner smiling for days afterwards!

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

So you have endured the many arguments, discovered new habits and survived your first ‘couples’ dinner party. You have finally gotten used to being referred to as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’ and are now settled as a married couple. The first year of marriage is certainly a whirlwind, but a beautiful one at that.

Your first wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you should start thinking about finding a gift for your other half that shows them how much they mean to you.

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditionally, you should give your partner the gift of paper for your first wedding anniversary gift. Very little is known about the origin of this. People believe it originated from the Victorian era when giving gifts for anniversaries became very popular.

There is no solid evidence where the idea of a paper anniversary gift came from but an old wives tale is that paper can represent the fragile nature of your first year as a married couple.

Other people speculate that it symbolises the strength from the interlocking fibres in paper. As the years go on, the materials get more durable representing the strength of your marriage over time.

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

We have present ideas that will mean so much more than just exchanging first wedding anniversary cards; everyone likes to receive a gift after all! Whether you have been searching for something for your husband and can’t find a first wedding anniversary gift for him that’s appropriate, or looking for the perfect gift for your doting wife, look no further.

A Book of You

As one of our favourite first wedding anniversary gift ideas, we thought we’d share this first. This sounds daunting, but creating a book of moments representing you as a couple can be a beautiful heartfelt gift for your partner.

Note down memories of time spent together over the past year or even throughout your whole relationship in a book and present it to your other half on your first wedding anniversary. All you need to do is buy a notebook and date back to the beginning, working your way through.

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Don’t worry, once you have sat down and managed to write a few memories on paper, you’ll see they come flowing out. They don’t necessarily have to be major things you did; the littlest things often show you care.

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

It might take some time, but if you’re an incredibly organised person you can start the book months before your anniversary giving you chance to remember all the meaningful moments.

Adding photos and little things such as receipts, train tickets or programmes from places you have visited together all show how much thought you have put into this gift. It will definitely win you extra spouse points and give you both something to look back on years down the line.


Everyone loves tickets! Buying tickets for your partner is a perfect gift and of course- it’s paper! Tickets can come in many forms such as flight tickets, concert tickets or hotel tickets. Planning a mini break or a night away and then gifting the tickets is a lovely idea and you can both (obviously) benefit from this.

Worried about money? You don’t need to spend a fortune, if you’re on a tight budget then train tickets for a day trip can also be a great idea or even better cinema tickets to go and see an upcoming film will be a lovely date night for you both to enjoy.

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Remember this is your first wedding anniversary so really make this gift meaningful; don’t buy a ticket for just anything. Why not find a band you both love and purchase tickets for you to enjoy together?

Try Some Origami

Have a go at making an origami gift. For those that don’t know what origami is (where have you been?) it’s the art of paper folding and originates from Japan.

If you’re on a really tight budget, this can be a very creative alternative gift and of course it fits in with the theme of a paper gift! Don’t know much about origami? Don’t panic, there’s plenty of help videos and tutorials showing step by step guides.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

It might be a little frustrating to begin with but once you get the hang of it, it should be fun, particularly for the creative types. The result will be a very cute paper gift as well as a brand new skill you can teach your partner to enjoy together. Perfect?

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Making origami flowers is a brilliant gift, not only is it an original idea, you’re also gifting flowers that can last for years down the line. If you haven’t got the time, there are plenty of unique gift stores like The Origami Boutique that will go through all that paper folding trouble for you.

The Gift of a Lord or Lady Title

Who doesn’t want to be addressed with the title of Lord or Lady? Make your partner feel that extra bit important by giving them the gift of a lordship or ladyship. It’s actually way easier than you think. There are various websites that enable you to purchase ‘titles’ so have a shop around.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Most of them require you to purchase a plot of land in the highlands for as little as £35 in exchange you receive the title of Lord or Lady of the plot. This is a fantastic way to help conservation, so if your partner is eco-conscious this gift is absolutely perfect! What’s best is that it’s everlasting- once your plot of land has been purchased, it’s yours and under your name.

You are now able to change your name on all your documents if you want as it’s all processed legally. You receive a certificate in the post with your new title on! A brilliant paper wedding anniversary gift for ‘her ladyship’ or ‘his lordship’.

A Sketch or Painting

For the artsy couple, this gift can be rather enjoyable to create (we hope) and very budget friendly. Either create a sketch of you as a couple, or send a photo away for a specialist like Pencil Sketch Portraits.

Why not use your wedding photo to serve as a special reminder of your beautiful day?
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Treasure Hunt

A really exciting first wedding anniversary gift idea is to turn your gift into a bit of fun and create a treasure hunt with paper clues or a paper map leading to a main present. Everyone loves a mystery and you can sit back and have a giggle at your partner trying to work out the clues you’ve set.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Why not keep to the theme and have the main present a paper gift as well like a novel or notebook like the one below from The Craft Fantastic?

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Holiday Brochure

Instead of flight or hotel tickets, another really lovely paper wedding anniversary idea is to present your partner with a holiday brochure and allow them to pick out a holiday for you both. A great idea if you don’t have a tight budget and something you can enjoy together on your first wedding anniversary.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Personalised Loo Paper

For couples with a huge sense of humour, getting your partner a personalised toilet roll with a lovely personalised message on is such a hilarious idea for an unusual first wedding anniversary gift. Depending on what sort of couple you are, it can be a lovely or a crude message. This means, each time your partner goes to the toilet, they think of you…how lovely.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Don’t fancy doing it yourself? We don’t blame you… We know someone who will.

Love Coupons

This sounds very cheesy but it can actually be a very cute gift idea, particularly if you are on a tight budget. Sticking to the theme of paper, you can come up with a few promises for your other half and present them in a ‘voucher book’.

You can even give them something simple like a promise to a date night or a promise to cooking dinner. Or you can spice things up and even make ones for the bedroom. We’ll leave you with the ideas…

First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Sonnet or poem

If you’re into your literature, writing a few first anniversary poems for your other half can be a fantastic method of expressing how much they mean to you. Try and stay truthful and personalise how you feel, don’t just write lots of spiel about ‘what love is’- be personable and dig deep.

If you’re struggling, remember poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme, just write how they make you feel.

If you’re super soppy and have enough time on your hands, you could write a book of poems about your first year of marriage. No task is too big for the one you love, right?
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

With this in mind you could also write a list of all the favourite things about your partner and let More Than Words design a gift for you.

Personalised Print

Can’t think of any ideas? You can also send for a personalised print of your loved one, with an image of one of their favourite things and then a few words beneath describing how you feel about them. This print from HoneyTree Publishing is a perfect idea.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas


Silhouettes have been made for centuries and were used as a popular portrait method before the invention of cameras. Creating a silhouette of your other half or getting one made professionally is a lovely idea for a first wedding anniversary gift.

It can be framed and put up in the home you share together. If you’re willing yourself, have a silhouette portrait of yourself made and frame them both facing towards one another.
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

Feeling inspired? We hope so, remember you don’t necessarily need to be creative or spend a massive fortune on your partner for your first wedding anniversary. Get imaginative; think what your other half would really appreciate from you.

If you’re looking to provide a card with your gift, or would like to feature a lovely message in your present, then take a look at some first wedding anniversary quotes in the following images:-
First wedding anniversary gift ideas
First wedding anniversary gift ideas
First wedding anniversary gift ideas
First wedding anniversary gift ideas

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