Woodland wedding

Enchanted Woodland Wedding Venues

There is nothing wrong with hosting your wedding in a beautiful town or manor house. Don’t get us wrong, at The Wedding Secret we are a big fan of majestic stairways and ornate ceilings.

However, there is something truly magical about a tree-lined canopy and a wedding reception that literally takes place beneath the stars.

Woodland Wedding

Becoming ever more popular, woodland weddings are not only sought after but they are also guaranteed to be magical and unique. There are plenty of venues now able to provide on-site accommodation, food and a blessing or licensed ceremony. Why not delve into the woods for a truly natural wedding?

When it comes to searching for your ideal forest wedding venue in the UK, it is important to choose somewhere that is not only beautiful but that reflects you as a couple.

It is also worth considering the wedding guests that you are inviting. Of course you will want your elderly relations there, however, they may struggle if your venue requires a certain amount of leaping through the undergrowth and perching on a reception chair fashioned from a tree stump or hay bale.

Woodland wedding

Luckily, there are a vast selection of woodland venues to choose from, each with their own unique benefits. So, whether you want to completely immerse yourself in nature or you would prefer something a little less remote, you are bound to find the perfect thing to reflect your relationship.

No matter what your prerequisites are for your woodland wedding, the venues below will have something to suit everyone. They may even surprise you with some of the incredible and creative aspects that are on offer for forest weddings.

Embrace Mother Nature

If you are planning to host your ceremony outside then why not keep it outdoors for the entire wedding?

Although some venues will provide you with indoor shelter or accommodation you may prefer to keep your wedding entirely among the trees.

There are a selection of woodland wedding venues that can host your ceremony, reception and accommodation – yep, tree houses count here – while being submersed in Mother Nature.

Woodland wedding


Wise Wedding Venue is one such place. Nestled among ten acres of glorious woodland, this venue has all you could wish for and more in a forest wedding. You can ensure a peaceful and romantic glade for your ceremony with lakes and vast forestry to explore.

You’re guaranteed a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your special day. The venue will be exclusively yours for the duration of your wedding and the on-site marquee can be decorated to suit your specific style.

Woodland wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of this wedding venue is its incredible tree house bridal suite that can be found twenty-five feet above the ground, wrapped around an ancient oak tree.

If you truly want to feel at one with nature then this venue has wildlife and natural surroundings in abundance.

Alternatively, found in a Devon valley, among 240 acres of woodland, is Middle Coombe Farm, an eco-friendly farm that provides a stunning setting for your wedding. For those of you looking for something rustic and beautiful without compromising on luxury, this could be the ideal place for you.

This woodland venue is deep in the heart of Devon and is perfect if you would like your ceremony to take place within gorgeous, ancient woodland surrounded by nature and enchanting forest scenes.

Woodland Wedding

The venue takes in breath-taking countryside and embraces a very ecological and sustainable ethos meaning that your wedding will be as naturally encouraged as possible.

Middle Coombe offers an exclusive three night package for up to one-hundred guests, including accommodation for you and twenty of your guests in their listed farmhouse and barn. This allows you to truly take in the natural West-Country surroundings, giving you time to explore the beautiful countryside and woodlands around.

Woodland Wedding

The woodland area offers a glorious glade in which you can have a humanist ceremony or blessing. The area is a ten-minute walk through the woods (with a Land Rover option for those who would prefer it), so you can engross yourselves in true wildlife, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Glamping, Yurts and Tipis

One of the crucial things to bear in mind when looking for forest wedding venues is where your guests will stay after the merriment of the day.

When hosting an outdoor, woodland wedding, it may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea to have to camp after the event. However, with a yurt, tipi or glamping hut available, even the most reluctant guests can be swayed.

Cornish Tipi Weddings offer the most stunning site among the woods with a beautiful lake and wooden bridge for you to take your first stroll as newlyweds. You can even host your wedding at the water’s edge, accompanied by chirruping birds; the natural sounds of wildlife and the glorious views of a lakeside, woodland wedding.

Woodland Wedding

For those of you who are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the prospect of a wedding with hundreds of guests and tonnes to organise, why not consider an elopement?

Cornish Tipi Weddings offer the perfect solution for those of you who would like something a bit more private and why not do it in somewhere as idyllic and magical as this?

Woodland Wedding

Whether there are two of you or two hundred, Cornish Tipi Weddings can provide accommodation on site with tipis available for guests. There is also a tipi for the newlyweds on a separate site and plenty of extra space for guests to set up their own tents.

You will discover breath-taking scenery and remarkable spaces with a team who will help to create the woodland wedding of your dreams.

If you are looking for something a little quirky and “out-there”, Bloomsburys Biddenden could be just the place for you.

Although camping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning your wedding, you may find that it is the perfect solution; it can provide accommodation that is both affordable and fun for your guests. Hidden among two acres of oak and pine trees, the site is perfect for you to enjoy a relaxing and memorable stay.

Woodland Wedding

For the wedding ceremony, Bloomsburys allow you to make the venue as personal and unique as you would like or they can decorate it for you; either way, the venue will look stunning.

There is glamping accommodation on site with a selection of yurts, tipis and lodges so your guests can enjoy your wedding in comfort. There is even a spa for you to pamper yourself in the run up to the big event.

If you have ever been to Herefordshire, you will know that as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it has some of the most stunning countryside and specifically woodland areas, in England.

Surrounded by acres of glorious forest, you will find Woodland Tipis and Yurts, a fabulous hideaway that can become the perfect venue for your wedding celebrations.

Woodland wedding

Offering something different to the usual wedding venue set-up, Woodland Tipis allow you to stay for three nights so that you can truly take in the majestic forest surroundings.

Although they are not licensed for a formal ceremony, you are still welcome to host your wedding festivities (including a blessing) beneath a tree-lined canopy, surrounded by all the wonders of nature.

Woodland Tipis allow you to hire out the entire site so that you and fifty of your friends and family can make the most of the woodland along with the peace and quiet that it offers.

With plenty of places for kids to explore and luxury facilities including hot tubs, this enchanting wedding venue has something for everyone. There is even a pizza oven, two kitchens and a pub very close-by.

Humanist Ceremonies or Blessings

Many venues, especially those that reside outdoors, do not hold a civil license however they can allow you to have a humanist ceremony, blessing or similar.

Often this is a popular choice with couples who would like to tailor their wedding to suit them. It can enable you to have a celebrant, a hand-fastening ceremony or a personalised blessing to commemorate your relationship.

Picture a forest scene, adorned with fairy lights and lanterns, offering a sophisticated yet rustic feel and you have something resembling a magical venue like North Star Club. Set in the heart of Yorkshire, this venue is perfect for an outdoor wedding in a glorious forest setting.

Woodland weddings

There is space for you to host a wedding celebration for up to one hundred guests and accommodation is also provided on site.

North Star Club allows you to have a blessing and can direct you to some exceptional celebrants who will help create the perfect event for you.

If you are looking for somewhere to get married in a woodland, this magical venue might be perfect for a wedding in the trees. It allows you to embrace your wild side in a luxury setting.

Woodland Wedding

Alternatively, TeyBrook Orchard offers a gorgeous setting for a humanist ceremony beneath the apple trees. Plus, it is set up for an incredible party in the woods.

Your ceremony can be hosted by any celebrant of your choice who will come to the venue and to perform a bespoke wedding ceremony or blessing.

Woodland wedding

The venue can be exclusively yours for up to forty-eight hours allowing you to enjoy as much of the gorgeous woodland venue as possible.

With a marquee for the reception and space for up to one hundred guests you can be sure to enjoy fabulous festivities at TeyBrook with a delicious hog roast or BBQ to fill your boots for the unforgettable celebrations.

Easy Access

A wedding in the woods can often ring alarm bells, especially for those whose idea of getting to a venue does not include traipsing through a thicket or driving for miles into an unknown wilderness.

Fortunately, not many venues are this challenging and some are much more accessible than you would think.

Believe it or not, Arnos Vale Cemetery is a wonderful woodland wedding venue located in the centre of Bristol, yet the expansive forty-five acres of woodland makes you feel that you are in a peaceful wooded area in the country. It’s the perfect combination of city and countryside.

Woodland wedding

Beneath a canopy of trees and a timber framed pavilion, this venue’s simplicity is exactly what adds to its unique charm and beauty. Arnos Vale could be the perfect location for those who are hoping to rekindle a passion for the understated yet beautiful.

Picture a stunning woodland setting with your guests sitting on idyllic wooden pews, with the perfect forest backdrop surrounding you as you say your vows: this is Arnos Vale.

Woodland wedding

Arnos Vale also offers a Twilight package allowing you a romantic, early evening wedding with a delicious meal to follow your ceremony.

Taking advantage of these stunning woodlands at dusk can make an already romantic scene ten times better.

Plus, being in a city means there is plenty of accommodation for all your guests and you really don’t have far to go.

If you are after a woodland wedding but don’t want to be traipsing through vast acres of forest and extended countryside, The Woodlands at Hothorpe might be just the place for you.

Despite its peaceful surroundings, Hothorpe is located very close to the M1 and other main roads so access to this glorious sight will not be a challenge.

Woodland wedding

Newly licensed, this stunning venue can be an indoor or an outdoor event (weather permitting) and provides accommodation in the gorgeous Woodland Village. There is even a tree house suite for the newlyweds to enjoy an unforgettable wedding night among the eaves.

The Woodlands offer delightful, rustic style and will allow you exclusive access of the site for the special day. This ensures that you spend the day with friends, family and nature without any unwanted interruptions.

The Best of Both Worlds

Although hosting a wedding surrounded by nature is guaranteed to be a wonderful occasion, many people will want to combine the woodland experience with the more traditional, manor or country house proceedings.

There are plenty of venues that allow you to host your wedding in a stunning country house while making full use of the incredible grounds and woodlands that encompass the estate.

As part of a gorgeous Georgian home, Pencarrow estate allows access to both the grounds and the manor house so you can host your wedding within the walls of the stunning home.

Why not host your wedding outside in a wisteria covered arbour surrounded by acres of beautiful land?

Pencarrow encourage you to make the wedding day as personal to you as possible; if you would like to be in charge of the whole proceedings then you are more than welcome. Equally, they are happy to take the reins and can organise a spectacular event that you and your guests will be talking about for years.

Woodland wedding

Pencarrow have the perfect place for a BBQ so whether it is the evening meal or the main feast, you can have a delicious outdoor dinner and even a bonfire at night.

Imagine snuggling up around the glowing embers of a fire having hosted an unforgettable event.

Providing you with the whole shebang, there is a selection of yurts, tents and camping spaces for you and your guests to stay in. For a day of exceptional celebrating, copious dancing and plenty of boozing, Pencarrow have everything you need.

woodland wedding


For brides who want to feel like royalty but still dream of a woodland wedding, why not choose a venue that can offer you both? Picture yourself gathering your closest friends and relations and hosting your wedding in a castle.

Surrounded by forest, and located in the glorious Wye Valley, Clearwell Castle could be just the place to make your dreams come true.

The historic castle dates back to the Eighteenth Century and will give you an immediate sense of grandeur. The gorgeous grounds are perfect for a stroll through the woods as newlyweds.

Woodland wedding

One of the benefits of having both a manor house and a woodland area is that all your guests will be entertained. There are plenty of exciting areas to explore with lots of stunning photo opportunities.

At Clearwell there is plenty of accommodation for everyone either in the main house or in surrounding cottages located in the grounds.

Woodland wedding


If you haven’t got a venue in mind but you would like somewhere that will not only be close to the coast but surrounded by acres of stunning countryside and woodland then we could have just the place for you. Cambo Estate in Scotland is an incredible country estate to host your wedding celebrations.

Woodland wedding

Cambo will ensure that your wedding is tailored to suit your specific needs. They can guarantee that the guests and more importantly, the happy couple, will be awe struck from the moment the events begin.

The estate has a fantastic woodland which can become the perfect place to host your wedding and a fabulous party. With protection from the elements by trees, awnings and canvases, you can be sure that your event will not be spoilt by the untimely chattering of teeth when saying your ‘I do’s’.

Woodland wedding

Hopefully a few of these woodland wedding venues in the UK have caught your eye and you are feeling inspired to explore them yourselves.

A woodland wedding can be perfect for those with a creative flair or those who would like to say their vows surrounded by peace, tranquillity and natural beauty.

Make sure you take into account the important things like access, licensing, seasons and your outfit. Also know that hosting a wedding in a place as enchanting as any of these will create a magnificent wedding that you will cherish for years to come.

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