Wedding napkin-folds

Ideas for napkin-folds

Hello, and welcome to The Wedding Venue Secret! As a follow-on from yesterday’s post Should I hire in my own linen or rely on my wedding venue?, we’re delving deep into the world of napkin-folds today. Traditionally this a rarefied realm exclusively peopled by the origamist elite of the service and catering industry, but as you’re planning your very own event, it’s a world you may have to get a little involved in.

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Shouldn’t I just leave my venue to do it?

We highly recommend that you have some input into the appearance of your napkins, as your venue’s standard default fold may not be quite what you were expecting. Discussing this at length with the event planner at your venue would be a great idea. Make sure you ask for examples.

Where do napkins go?

Typically, in the centre of each individual dinner place-setting, between the cutlery. But sometimes to the side!

Types of napkin-fold

The following is a list of common napkin-folds, and where they can be placed to best advantage. We would be here forever if we gave detailed instructions on how to fold each type, so take a look round the web!

The Square

The most common type of fold, it’s simple to create, it can fit cutlery snugly inside and looks fantastic! There are lots of variations on this square/rectangle fold, including extra flaps and cutlery holders. You could even lay favours on top of them. They also look very effective laying on top of a small plate.

The Roll

Tied off with a ribbon or other piece of fabric that matches your colour scheme, these folds are also quite common and look great. Some people tuck flowers or greenery under the ribbon.

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The Rosebud/Mitre

These folds in the form of a bishop’s hat are cute, especially when they are made from smaller napkins.

The Fan

Put these in your glasses or fold a freestanding one. A simple fold, great for oriental themes or Asian weddings.

Pyramid, Diamond or Triangle

Geometry-loving Pythagorists out there will love these. And they look great.

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Who will be folding the napkins?

Hopefully, your venue staff! However, if you are in a DIY venue, then you, your family and friends may be doing it. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the wedding starts.

There we are! There are probably hundreds, if not perhaps thousands of different napkin-folds out there. We sincerely hope that this has been a good starting guide – get in touch with your venue to discuss possibilities further. For some great research, take a look at Luigi Spotorno’s ‘Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding’ – it’s a great little illustrated book, and is revered as the servi-etiquette Bible by many in the catering industry!

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