Style Guide: 1950s’ Vintage

Planning the perfect 1950s’ wedding complete with a Rock‘n’Roll band, retro food, and plenty of dancing? You certainly need a 1950s’ vintage wedding dress to complete the look! Here’s some tips, some history and some advice to help you find the perfect dress.

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Iconic Wedding Dresses In Film: The Father of the Bride

Married eight times to seven different men, Elizabeth Taylor wore plenty of wedding dresses in her lifetime. However, she adorned wedding gowns before this, most notably in the film Father of the Bride.

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Wedding Venue Advice: Venue Restrictions

So you have booked your perfect venue and start sending out Save The Dates. Then, you’re sent the contract and suddenly see a long list of restrictions. What do you mean, you can’t have candles?!

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What Is The Difference Between A Cèilidh, A Céilí And A Barn Dance?

You’ve tied the knot, feasted on your wedding breakfast, and are now waiting for the barn dance or cèilidh. Wait, the what? Don’t fear, because we are here to help explain.

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Iconic Wedding Dresses: Mia Farrow

Let’s take a look at Mia Farrow’s sweet two-piece suit she wore during her wedding to Frank Sinatra. At The Wedding Secret, we understand the importance of looking back at dresses and weddings of history, both as inspiration and to see how things have changed.

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