Top 10 Classic Rock n Roll Wedding Songs

This is another of our popular Top 10 series featuring music you should include at your wedding reception. This time, we are looking at rock n roll.

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Top 10 1980s Wedding Songs

Big hair, neon clothes…was there any other decade quite like the 1980s? And what’s more, the decade saw fantastic music, from the introduction of dance music and new wave to artists like David Bowie and Madonna.

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Iconic Wedding Dresses: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, as well as being an acclaimed actress of the 1950s and ’60s, was also a prolific bride! As she was a style icon, her private life received almost as much scrutiny as her characters on screen. And, she clearly loved marriages, or at least weddings, as she tied the knot eight times.

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Iconic Wedding Dresses: Yoko Ono

There are some couples whose names are so synonymous with each other that it is hard to imagine them apart. Romeo and Juliet; Marge and Homer; John and Yoko.

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Should I get married in a church or have a civil ceremony?

This is a question that many brides face: should I get married in a church or have a civil ceremony? While the answer may be easy for some, for others it will take a lot more consideration.

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