Iconic Wedding Dresses : Audrey Hepburn

By 1954, and at the age of 25, Audrey Hepburn was already a film and fashion icon, having recently won an Academy Award for her lead role in Roman Holiday. Despite her young age, Audrey had already been engaged once before in 1952, and described meeting her first fiancé as ‘love at first sight’. However, shortly after having her first dress-fitting she decided to call the marriage off because of the demands of her career, stating ‘When I get married, I want to really be married’.

Two years later, whilst starring in Ondine on Broadway, Audrey met Mel Ferrer, and eight months later the couple wed in Switzerland.

Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Dress

Audrey’s marriage to Mel Ferrer was one of the most anticipated and magical showbiz weddings of the time, and is a well-remembered moment in fashion history.

Her ballerina-length wedding gown, which featured an accentuated waist and long chiffon sleeves, was created by Pierre Balmain, a French couturier well-known for his sophisticated and elegant designs. The dress, which was modest and sweet, was typical of the fifties, and Audrey allowed her gown to really stand out by wearing a pretty halo of fresh flowers in her hair instead of a veil or tiara.

The tiny waist and wide shoulders of the gown complemented Audrey’s petite figure, and created a sweet, feminine and romantic look that inspired thousands of brides at the time, and continues to inspire modern brides today.

Find Your Own Hepburn-Inspired Gown

As vintage weddings are currently as popular as ever, if you fancy finding a Hepburn-inspired gown for your own wedding day, the search shouldn’t be too hard. Plenty of online sites and boutiques often stock Hepburn replicas, and even if they don’t, all you have to do is mention Hepburn and her unique, iconic fashion-awareness will spring to mind and the boutique owner will know exactly what you are looking for!

Audrey’s marriage to Mel lasted 14 years, in which time the couple had two children together. Audrey later went on to marry Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti in 1969 in yet another stunning gown which I will make sure to feature another Wednesday..!

After her 14-year marriage to Mel Ferrer ended in 1968 (for which Audrey wore a pretty ballerina-length gown) Audrey met Roman psychiatrist Andrea Dotti while on a cruise around the beautiful islands of Greece. The couple’s love soon blossomed, and on the 18th January, 1969 they married in Morges, Switzerland.

Dramatically different from her first wedding gown which was white, classic and sweet, Audrey wore a simple light pink woollen dress and matching scarf designed by her close friend Hubert de Givenchy, who had created many a piece for her in the past. The chic dress was relatively short for a wedding gown, but was quite normal for the ’60s when everything was mini! It was also common for second-time brides to avoid wearing white, and light pink appears the perfect choice for Audrey; it’s just a shame there aren’t more colour photos around.

Her now legendary headscarf was fashioned from the same material as her beautiful pink collared dress, and her stockings and shoes were also an identical shade of pink, creating the iconic look that we all remember. To complement her pale pink dress, Audrey carried a bouquet of pale pink freesia and lily-of-the-valley.

As the couple wed in a Swiss January, I expect Audrey chose this high-collared wool outfit and hat for warmth as well as appearance!

It’s hard to believe that Audrey’s two weddings were fifteen years apart, as in both sets of wedding photos she looks gorgeous and timelessly chic, and the gowns she chose seem to possess everlasting style that we still draw inspiration from today.

Audrey’s marriage to Andrea Dotti lasted just 13 years, as Dotti embarked on affairs with a series of younger women. Audrey went on to date Robert Wolders from 1980 until her death in 1993, although, unfortunately for the world of wedding dresses, never remarried.

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