How to Write the Perfect Best Man Speech

The Best Man speech: expert advice on how to write and deliver a Best Man speech you’ll be proud of So you’ve been chosen to be your best mate’s Best Man. Congratulations! Time to go crazy planning the stag do, right? Well, yeah. But you have another, far more important thing to worry about as […]

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Paper

Congratulations, you have survived a year of married life together… 365 days, 8760 hours and 525600 minutes. Now it’s time to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, and what better way than to give the traditional gift of paper? We have come up with several brilliant first wedding anniversary gift ideas that will have your partner […]

How to Write the Perfect Groom Speech

The Groom Speech – we get tips from the pros on how to make your speech memorable for all the right reasons After the act of actually getting married, giving the Groom speech is probably the second most nerve-wracking thing every man has to face on his wedding day, and it’s easy to see why.  Photo […]

How to Give a Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Expert advice on how to put together a loving and funny (and not embarrassing) Father of the Bride speech Okay dads, this one’s for you. Your little girl is getting married and, as tradition dictates, she’ll be looking to you at the reception to give a Father of the Bride speech worthy of your love […]

Wedding Workout: 5 Classes to Boost Your Wedding Fitness Plan

[codeHouse-TOC tag=”h2″] Losing weight is hard. There’s no denying it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either a liar or is genetically blessed with a fast metabolism. That said, there’s nothing like an engagement ring to motivate a girl to get a serious wedding workout plan started. The good news is there are plenty of […]