Iconic Wedding Dresses: Mia Farrow

Let’s take a look at Mia Farrow’s sweet two-piece suit she wore during her wedding to Frank Sinatra. At The Wedding Secret, we understand the importance of looking back at dresses and weddings of history, both as inspiration and to see how things have changed.

Celebrity Weddings: The Significance of Royal Wedding Dresses

It’s not just royal weddings that get the country in a flutter, but also the royal wedding dresses. For centuries, the marriages of royal women have turned heads and set trends.

Get Married In The Arctic: Unusual Wedding Venues

Whilst an Arctic wedding might not be the first thing that springs to mind, it is one for the alternative couple and offers spectacular scenery. After all, it’s a definite way to enjoy your white wedding!

A Look Back At The Queen’s Wedding Dress

Royal weddings of past and present continue to enchant the nation. Across the world, 200 million people tuned in to listen to the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. Certainly it was a massive event, and one that is still talked about in relation to the royal marriages of today.