What photographic finish/effects should I go for?

Wedding photography image-tweaking Hello there! If you have already spent a while looking around various wedding photographers’ websites, then you may have noticed that their example photos come in all descriptions of shades and filters. Some look vintage or retro, with punchy contrast and a textured, aged finish. Some are a rich black and white, […]

What does my photographer do with my photographs once the wedding is over?

So the wedding is over, the hangover is lifting, and the excitement of the honeymoon is just about to begin. What is your photographer doing right now? It is most likely that he/she is locked away in a darkroom with a large mug of coffee, bringing your photos to life. First of all, the photographer […]

Wedding photography copyright : Do I own my wedding photos?

Time to look at your wedding photographs! So your wedding is over. The honeymoon has been and gone, and as you shake the sand out of your feet and moisturise your sunburned skin, you may think it’s time to look through your wedding photos. Don’t copy them just yet It’s very likely that your photographer […]