How to Write the Perfect Best Man Speech

The Best Man speech: expert advice on how to write and deliver a Best Man speech you’ll be proud of So you’ve been chosen to be your best mate’s Best Man. Congratulations! Time to go crazy planning the stag do, right? Well, yeah. But you have another, far more important thing to worry about as […]

Best Man and Maid of Honour : On the big day

Welcome Back Hello again! Last week we spotlighted the basics of choosing the Best Man and the Maid of Honour, and outlined their roles before the big day. Today we’re focusing on the wedding day itself. On the day – The Best Man It’s the Best Man and Maid of Honour’s combined duty to take […]

Best Man and Maid of Honour : What part do they play before my wedding?

What is a maid of honour, or a best man? These individuals are key players in the smooth running of the wedding day, but their role doesn’t stop at that! As the organisers of the Hen and Stag Nights respectively, and potentially some other pre-wedding events, there is a quite a heavy burden of responsibility […]