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Entertainment Classic String Quartet
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Classic String Quartet

Classic String Quartet

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Classic String Quartet

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  • Versatile, eclectic string quartet
  • Friendly, approachable professional musicians
  • Perform a wide-ranging classical and modern repertoire
  • Talented and experienced ensemble
  • Can arrange any musical item to play at your wedding
  • Above offer comes with a small extra fee

If you are in need of an elegant and sophisticated atmospheric boost to your wedding ceremony or reception, then introducing a compact ensemble of classical musicians should be your first port of call. The Classic String Quartet, based just outside Bath, are one of the area's most renowned and competitively-priced chamber groups.

Led by musical polymath Mike Evans, whose vibrant and diverse career had him first opening the inaugural Glastonbury Festival in 1970, and later as leader of the well-established resident piano trio at the grand Pump Room at Bath, the Classic String Quartet is an immensely talented group of musicians.

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About the Ensemble

As previously mentioned, violinist Mike Evans has enjoyed a long and successful career in the music business, and now regularly teaches budding students at his home near Bath.

A second violin, a viola and a 'cello complete the standard line-up. Each instrument complements the others perfectly, and you will be surprised how much presence these four bowed string instruments and their players can combine to produce.

We must emphasise that the Classic String Quartet are not just weekend musical hobbyists - they are all professional working musicians who keep themselves busy and their strings singing with regular concerts and other gigs across the country.


The ensemble can boast an impressive and flexible repertoire, from the dulcet and refined melodic tones of Handel, J.S. Bach and Mozart to the romantic, energetic and vibrant scores of Mendelssohn, Schubert and Tschaikowski.

The Classic String Quartet prides itself on presenting a lighter form of the classical genre, which is ideal for a situation that cries out for soft background music, such as a champagne and canapés reception or a formal wedding breakfast. That said, they often accompany the bridal procession up the aisle during wedding ceremonies!

We can't stress the Classic String Quartet's musical flexibility enough. With an ample classical repertoire, the ensemble also likes to venture beyond this into the realm of popular modern music. We can tell you that there's nothing more impressive - and delightful - as a string quartet suddenly breaking out into a homage to The Beatles!

If you want them to arrange any other musical item, then this shouldn't be a problem for the talented Classic String Quartet, for a modest and negotiable additional fee.


  • Simon and Josie’s Wedding

    The performance was perfect! Many thanks for the time taken to talk the event through and give suggestions on the best pieces to play for the ceremony. Everyone commented on the quality of the music. Many thanks again.

  • Joanna and Peter’s Wedding

    Our guests were so impressed with the quality of the performance! The beautifully performed classical music really enhanced our wedding ceremony and the joyful music at the drinks reception set the mood for the whole day. Please thank the Classic String Quartet on our behalf.

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