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Entertainment Wedding Magician in Somerset

Wedding Magician in Somerset

If you want to feature the best magician Somerset has to offer on your big day, then take a peek at the excellent selection we have below. From close-up magicians to those who perform for an audience.

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Darren Campbell
This personable, young and fresh-faced magician, renowned for his mesmerising aerial card-tricks, has been entertaining guests at weddings and other social events in Bristol and all across the South West area for many years
Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist
One of the best strolling entertainers in the business, Chris Piercy is thoroughly accustomed to performing to the wide-ranging audience found at a typical wedding, and will provide top-notch amusement for couples after something a wee bit different. Be prepared to be baffled!
Peter Wardell Magician
Based near Christchurch and Bournemouth, this renowned and highly accredited close-up and stage magician shares his very special wizardry at weddings and other events across the world. He is offering an exclusive 20% discount when you book his services via The Wedding Secret
Richard Young Magician
The close-up magic that the talented Richard Young will perform at your wedding is sure to wow your guests. They may even recognise him from his time on The Next Great Magician, the ITV 1 show, where he was given a slot in the top 20 out of 1,000 other magicians…

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