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The Showgirl Academy

Showgirl Academy

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Showgirl Academy

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  • Hen Party workshops in a variety of modern dances
  • Can-Can, Burlesque and Charleston included
  • Deluxe package available
  • No stipulated minimum number of Hens
  • Running through the Bristol, Bath and Cardiff areas
  • Dynamic professional dance teachers

Offering classes featuring Burlesque, Can-Can, Charleston, '60s Go-Go and myriad other popular dance-styles, The Showgirl Academy is the perfect destination for fun, laughter and learning. Welcoming ladies with all current levels of ability, the team at The Showgirl Academy can provide Hen Party entertainment packages throughout the South West, promising to work their magic to get you and your friends framed in that mesmerising spotlight, performing glamorous routines worthy of a standing ovation.

Presenting a lifetime of laughs and hours of entertainment, The Showgirl Academy is proud to assist in organising such a momentous occasion. Aiming to guarantee your Hens an outing that's both enjoyable and utterly unforgettable, more and more bridal parties are electing to put on their dancing shoes, letting their hair down and getting seriously involved, thus making The Showgirl Academy the number one go-to option for organised group choreography in the entire South West region.

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The Showgirl Academy is masterminded by Claire Phipps, proprietor and manager of well-known professional Bristol dance troupe The Flaming Feathers. With her lifetime of dance experience, and having established a Hip-Hop dance school back in 2008, Claire positively oozes talent and passion for her art, making her the perfect teacher for such a special event as a Hen Party.

More recently, having trained at the Ministry of Burlesque in 2009, Claire has gone on to choreograph and teach a variety of Cabaret styles, of which her favourite is the Charleston. It's these dance styles that she bases her Hen Party Packages around, coaching brides-to-be and their bridesmaids in sensuous, sinuous, slinky, seductive, confidence-building routines that can be as tame or as wild as you wish. Expanding the individual experience into a cleverly-choreographed group activity makes it twice as much fun, and promises lots of laughter and appreciative smiles along the way.

Hen Party Packages

Delivering their dance classes within the Bristol, Bath and Cardiff area, The Showgirl Academy is rapidly becoming a favourite option for Hen Parties throughout the South West. Offering lessons and workshops embracing a wide variety of popular modern dance genres, for instance Charleston, Burlesque and Can-Can, there's sure to be something for everyone, no matter what your current dancing ability may be.

There are various Hen Party dance experiences currently available, including:-

  • Burlesque Workshop
  • Can-Can Workshop
  • Charleston Workshop
  • Fan-Dance Workshop
  • Showgirl Workshop
  • Chicago Workshop
  • Hula-Hooping Workshop

If you're intent on making the bride-to-be herself feel even more special, The Showgirl Academy offers a deluxe package for an additional £35.00, which includes a goodie-bag containing a bottle of bubbly, nipple tassels, opera gloves and feather fans.

To make your Hen-night unforgettable just clock below to get in touch or to head on over to their website for more information.

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