Entertainment Richard Kettle Magician
Entertainment Richard Kettle Magician
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Richard Kettle Magician

Richard Kettle Magician

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Richard Kettle Magician

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  • Surrey based close-up magician
  • One of the most impressive acts in area
  • Over 15 years of practicing magic
  • Member of the Magic Circle
  • Performs for all ages
  • Intricate card and close-up magic routines
  • Perfect ice breaker and conversation starter
  • Adds fun atmosphere to your day

Richard Kettle is one of the most impressive magicians based in Surrey. His self-taught card and close-up magic routines stun guests of all ages at any event. Inspired by different icons, he has produced his own unique style of performance.

Richard will confidently approach guests and present close-up, complex card and magic routines during your drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening reception. Although based in Surrey, Richard will travel to many places in across south of the UK.


Richard Kettle started performing magic at school; in fact, he first learnt the skill of magic when he was only 12 years old! Inspired by many great magical icons, he began to teach himself a few remarkable magic effects. To his surprise, he found he could captivate small audiences and began to astound friends and family with what he could do. He began performing magic professionally in 2010 and is now one of the most impressive acts in the area.

He is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle organisation.


Richard Kettle, while he has picked up inspiration from other magicians in the industry, has a unique and individual style of performance. As a classic close-up magician, he performs to small groups of people at a time in gatherings or at tables, making him the perfect ice breaker at your drinks reception and wedding breakfast. Richard typically attends for 2 to 3 hours of your day, dependent on venue type and number of guests.

Your day

Drinks Reception

Richard can float amongst guests breaking the ice. This is a particularly popular time for his performances while the bride and groom are away having photos taken - he takes care of the entertainment.

The Wedding Breakfast

Bringing strangers and family together with his tricks, Richard will circulate between tables during the meal, and he can captivate and stun guests and make a great conversation starter between strangers. His presence creates a fun atmosphere during the day.

Evening Reception

Give something extra for your guests at your evening reception. Again, he creates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, tantalising guests with his small close-up performances. He adds to the entertainment, giving guests that little bit extra.

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  • Joanna Lumley

    Richard is quite simply a sensational performer, charming, slick, dazzling... but he always has the upper hand, as he is truly made of magic: He is a living breathing MAGICIAN!

  • Tom & Chloe Betts

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thank you so much for entertaining everyone at our wedding! People are still talking about how fab you were!

  • Kathryn & Jules Bartley

    We can't thank you enough Richard for the magic that you performed on our wedding day. Our guests are still raving about the miracles you performed in front of their very eyes!

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