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ProTom Fitness

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  • Centred around fitting into your specific wedding dress
  • Money-back guarantee trial
  • £15 for a 1-hour personal session and consultation
  • See below for exclusive The Wedding Secret
  • A wide range of satisfied, ongoing, long-term clients
  • Training at home, or at ProTom's fitness centres

Representing some of Bristol's most experienced and qualified personal trainers, ProTom Fitness can offer brides-to-be one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and generally improve their physical wellbeing before their big day. Expert personal trainer Tom prefers to develop a bespoke training regime based on a bride's exact wedding dress - read on to find out more

Getting fit and losing weight is never going to be easy - but building up a one-to-one relationship with a skilled personal trainer is probably the best option available for shedding those unwanted pounds. Having knowledgeable and experienced experts behind you to push you to your limits is irreplaceable.

ProTom is currently offering Wedding Secret Users an exclusive special offer! Book a minimum 3 month period of personal training sessions (two per week) and you can have unlimited access to any of ProTom's classes across Bristol, for free! Just be sure to quote 'The Wedding Secret' and this special offer when making your enquiry.


Enthusiastic and committed, business proprietor and fitness fanatic Tom Lokos launched ProTom in 2008, with the aim of sharing his lifelong affinity with physical fitness with others of like mind in the Bristol area.

Tom has spent the majority of his youth in his native Hungary, employed there as a PE teacher for two years, a gymnastics coach for four, and a further two years as a kickboxing coach. With over 12 years of general experience in the discipline, and after setting up his own kickboxing school, he decided to move to the UK to further his career in the wider sphere of physical fitness.

Tom has spent a great deal of his life studying many fields of Human Science, such as human anatomy, functional anatomy, biomechanics, cell biology etc. Tom also has earned diplomas in Personal Training and Boxing, and can boast over 14 years of experience as a personal trainer.

The Ethos

As previously mentioned, personal training is undoubtedly one of the best options for getting fit and losing weight in a short space of time. The nagging temptation to skip the running of the final lap or completing the last set of repetitions can become a wee bit overwhelming whilst on your own - but the presence of an experienced personal trainer could be all the motivation you need.

Tom and his team are all friendly, experienced and qualified personal trainers, who are able to offer a bespoke and committed service to all those with whom they work.

Tom himself believes that anyone can be a 'trainer', but only a few can be effective 'personal trainers'. This is due to the fact that everyone has their own limits, strengths and weaknesses physically, and it takes a seriously trained eye to see this through to a routine that is both effective and enjoyable.

Your Wedding Dress

Tom's first port of call when training his brides-to-be is seeing their wedding dress! Knowing that this is where your principal motivation lies, he can go on to develop a bespoke training programme based on the actual size, cut and finish of the dress. Different wedding gowns show off different parts of your body, and it's Tom's aim to really work on these areas so that you will look your absolute best on your big day!

Motivation Via Reward

Tom and his team believe that rewards are an important part of any physical training, and to that end ProTom try to provide clear, tangible evidence of how each individual has progressed. From a staged video or a series of photographs, brides can clearly see how they are making a difference.

Bespoke Personal Training

The training regimes at ProTom are typically centred around 70% weight training and 30% cardio strength - a realistic way to tone up specific areas of the body in the most convenient manner. It is also ProTom's philosophy to avoid pushing their brides too hard - these experts can judge the level of 'punishment' that an individual can take by drawing on experience. This includes thorough warm-up and cool-down sessions.

The Trial

If you are interested in giving ProTom's services a whirl, then they're offering you the chance to test-drive a personal training session. The fee for the trial is only £15, and you are guaranteed your money back if you are not happy with the results. You will receive an hour-long activity session with one of ProTom's expert trainers, followed by a consultation about how and when you want to get fit.

With a bold guarantee that "you will drop a whole dress size, or your money back", there's little reason not to get involved!

Special Offer

ProTom is currently offering Wedding Secret Users an exclusive special offer! Book a minimum 3 month period of personal training sessions (two per week) and you can have unlimited access to any of ProTom's classes across Bristol, for free! Just be sure to quote 'The Wedding Secret' and this special offer when making your enquiry.

Get signed up for your very own Money-Back-Guaranteed trial now! Simply get in touch with Tom or another member of the team by revealing the telephone number above, or by clicking the 'Email this business' button.


  • Rose Parker

    I train with Tom as, despite being an enthusiastic runner, I wanted to achieve a higher level of fitness. I am extremely impressed with Tom's expert knowledge of his subject, including his scientific knowledge re anatomy. This far surpasses any level of competency I have come across in personal trainers before.
    The physical changes in my fitness level and body shape were noticeable quickly and I would highly recommend Tom's training as he not only improves your cardiovascular ability, but provides great core strength work which is of huge long term benefits in daily active life.

  • Chris Bent

    I had only been using ProTom personal training for a short space of time (6 weeks) and I already noticed a dramatic improvement in my strength and stability when running and feel great! The routines that Tom used were tailored perfectly to help me solve my issues and I will continue to follow his advice. Thoroughly recommended, 10/10.

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