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Entertainment Parody Portraits
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Parody Portraits

Parody Portraits

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Parody Portraits

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  • Hilarious hand-drawn caricatures at your reception
  • From only £290 per session
  • Guests can keep caricatures at no extra cost
  • Bespoke stationery created from your sketch
  • Table plans, invitations and thank you cards
  • Mugs and t-shirts also available

If you are looking for a fun piece of fast art to entertain your wedding guests on your special day, then look no further than Parody Portraits. Expert caricaturist and lifetime artist Ian Lloyd created his company back in 2011, and has since never looked back!

Able to produce 15 individual portraits per hour on average (around 4-5 minutes per drawing), Ian's skills are perfect for entertaining your guests, breaking the ice and amusingly filling those inevitable voids between the unfolding events of your wedding day. Ian is also able to create near photo-realistic colour sketches either before or after the big day, an ability ideal for illustrating stationery such as invitations, table plans, the order of service and thankyou cards.


Meet Ian Lloyd, the entrepreneur and artist behind sketches at Parody Portraits. Ian has been doodling all his life, his passion being kindled as early as five years old.

Fast-forward a few years and we find Ian on holiday with his family and in particular his grandfather, who encouraged him to sit to be drawn by a caricature artist. Being somewhat in awe of the results, Ian's grandfather asked the caricature artist to switch roles with Ian, and he was invited to draw the caricaturist's caricature! Encouraged by the multitude of smiles and laughs generated, Ian was instantly hooked and set out to develop a career out of caricature drawing.

Having sketched throughout his schooldays, and after spending a period studying Art and Design at college, Ian finally set up Parody Portraits in August of 2011.

The Sketches

Armed with nothing but his easel, a piece of paper and a selection of trusty pens, Ian is capable of churning out around 15 portraits per hour. Sitting with your guests, he will immediately and professionally launch into the drawing, asking questions and deciphering aspects of each subject's personality as he goes. The end result - a series of hilarious and often tongue-in-cheek sketches of your wedding guests!

Your guests are more than welcome to take the finished sketches home with them, and there will be no extra or hidden costs.

Ian usually operates in 2, 3 or 4-hour sessions. Take a peek at the price breakdowns below - Ian knows that every event is different, so do get in touch with him in order to get your very own bespoke quote.

2 Hours - £290 - roughly 30 guest portraits

3 Hours - £390 - roughly 45 guest portraits

4 Hours - £490- roughly 60 guest portraits

Other Services and Stationery


Ian has a great deal of experience with creating bespoke stationery for couples. If the usual fare of generic or flowery presentations doesn't appeal to you, and you are seeking out truly personal and light-hearted stationery for your special day, then the hyper-observant and witty services of Parody Portraits would be ideal.

In order to make this happen, Ian ideally needs to create a sketch of you before your wedding day. This can be achieved by sending him photographs of yourselves, or by meeting up with him in person for a quick sketching session. Ian can then go away and create the caricature of your choice.

Hand-Drawn Digital Colour - £65
Digitally-Painted Caricature - £120

The Stationery

Once your portrait is complete, Ian can transform it into invitations or thank you cards. 40 copies of the stationery of your choice will cost £80.

Further Services

If you are particularly enamoured of your sketch, then you can take things further and be reminded of your wedding celebration for years to come by asking Parody Portraits to create mugs or T-shirts of your wedding-day drawing. Get in touch if you have any further ideas or requirements.

Mugs - £15
T-Shirts - £15

Get in touch for more info, just click below to access Ian's email and website.

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