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Wedding Suppliers Mountain Celebrations
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Mountain Celebrations

Mountain Celebrations

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Mountain Celebrations

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  • Wales based celebrant service
  • Bespoke blessings and ceremonies
  • Fully trained and professional celebrants
  • Five years wedding experience
  • Not restricted by location
  • Wide range of non-traditional fasting ceremonies
  • Based around the couples personality
  • Alternative way of saying 'I Do'

Looking for a less traditional wedding? Mountain Celebrations offer a unique and original celebrant service that provides an interesting alternative to the traditional wedding service you might be used to.

The company are eager to create a bespoke ceremony based around your wants and desires that accurately reflects the relationship and emotions of the couple. After all, your partnership is unique!


Whether you are looking for an unconventional wedding or you don't fancy the rigid style of religious and civil ceremonies, Mountain Celebrations could be your answer.

The company has been dealing in blessings for five years and all of their celebrants are highly trained. The company is proud to have been shortlisted for the 2017 Caerphilly Business Forum Awards.

Outside of providing their own incredible celebrants, the company also offers a training service that they have been running for seven years. Their qualifications are recognised worldwide, and some of the highest in the country.

The Service

All of the celebrant ceremonies and blessings are individually tailored to the couple's wants. These will all be delivered professionally and with warmth and emotion. The ceremony is able to be performed anywhere - so you are not restricted to a specific venue - and may be as religious or spiritual as the couple desire it to be.

The advantages of having a celebrant is that you can have your day exactly the way you want it to be and wherever you desire. Instead of the ritual of vows, fill those special moments with songs, poems, music, readings, and anything that is special to you as a couple.


In addition to a standard wedding blessing, Mountain Celebrations' celebrants are trained in a variety of historical and traditional well known blessings, ceremonies and joinings, these include:

Sand Ceremonies - The tradition of the couple both pouring coloured sand into a container so that the sand becomes inseparable.

Hand Fasting- The Celtic tradition of binding your hands in six coloured ribbons that reflect aspects of their personalities and wishes.

Unity Candles - Each member of the couple holds a small candle that represents them. Together they use them to light a larger central candle representing their unity.

Crowning's - An ancient ritual, the crowning ceremony involves each of the couple being crowned with a decorative crown that is attached to their partner's by a white cord or ribbon. The crown can be garlands of flowers or decorated with jewels.

Salt Ceremonies- During ancient times, this ritual was performed to seal promises. Each person would take a piece of salt from their own pouch and place it in the pouch of the other, their agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt.

Salt itself has many plenty of symbolism, representing purity and preserving the love. Indian ceremonies often include this ritual.

Jumping the Broom - Make the first step into your marriage quite literally with jumping over the broom after saying your vows. It symbolises working together as a team and sweeping away the past.

For a comprehensive list of the services that Mountain Celebrations offers why not click below to head on over to their website or get in touch for more information.

Mountain Celebrations
19 Twyncarn Road
NP11 7DU


  • David & Diane Ford

    Mountain Celebrations helped us achieve a special day with our family and friends at our home barn… it was personal and individual to us… we will never forget the wonderful ceremony that Claire gave.

  • Brian

    Tony, regret I totally forgot to thank you for your handling of the events today. I thought the whole thing went rather well and our gathering later at Ffynnon Wen turned out to be very enjoyable too. Many, many thanks.

  • The Lloyd-Smith

    Hi Claire, We just wanted to say a massive big thank you for everything!
    You were fantastic on the day and everyone loved you. We were honoured to have you doing our service and it was perfect from start to finish. Thank you also for all the help, support & advice you have given us. Lots of love, The Lloyd-Smiths xxxx

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