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Jongor Catering and Equipment Hire
  • Jongor supply a massive range of catering equipment for hire
  • Facilities for cooking, cooling, freezing and warming
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Dinnerware, glassware and cutlery
  • Tables, chairs and linen
  • Modular dancefloors and stages

Those looking to host a DIY or marquee wedding, or simply wishing to have precision control over how their food is prepared and presented on the special day, should hire top-quality equipment from a reliable, reputable and friendly supplier such as Jongor.

Jongor's wide range of ergonomic, pristine, attractive and luxury-quality diningware and utensils, from rectangular plates and dipping pots to smoothly curving steak knives and elegant stemmed glassware, is sure to impress. Jongor can provide you with everything you need to serve food to guests at your wedding, including ovens, food storage facilities, tables, chairs and much more. With other convenient extras, such as a bottle-bar and portable dancefloor hire, all your reception requirements will be completely covered!


Jongor has been supplying top-quality equipment and services to marrying couples, miscellaneous social events and mobile catering companies in the South West area for a considerable number of years now, drawing on its vast experience in providing a friendly, practical and down-to-earth service.

This company is ideal for couples planning a DIY wedding, or those simply looking to augment, improve or upgrade what catering equipment they already have.

With their massive stock of equipment, Jongor can comfortably cater for events of all types and sizes, ranging from 50 to 5000 people.

Once you've done your research and got in contact with them for a no-obligation and hassle-free consultation, just sit back and relax and wait for the wedding day to dawn, when the Jongor vans will deliver all your precious equipment directly to your venue - and then pick it all up and take it away again afterwards.

Catering and Furniture

If we follow the narrative of preparing and presenting top-quality food to guests at a wedding, we can easily see that Jongor can provide all the necessary equipment to make this possible. From the initial storage of your food in top-of-the-range, practical fridges, the utensils and tools required to prepare the food, the ovens and cookers required to cook it, and finally, all the ancillary equipment needed to produce, present and serve your mouthwatering wedding cuisine, Jongor has every aspect covered.

Their comprehensive range of equipment also includes toasters, fat-fryers, ovens, barbecues, chilled salad bars, tea and coffee-making facilities and much more!


From round banquet tables (of many different sizes), square display tables, outdoor patio tables, to various chairs of all colours, shapes and sizes and seat pads! Pick and choose from Jongor's vast reserves, big enough to cater for the largest wedding.

Linen is also available for hire, and comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. Just get in touch with them to find out more by clicking on the 'Make An Enquiry' button.

Diningware Hire

Once you have your furniture and linen, put some nice plates on it! Jongor describe their plates aptly as a 'canvas for food'. Quite rightly, you wouldn't want to paint on an ugly or broken canvas! So don't settle for a venue's sub-par or unappealing crockery. Choose from Jongor's ample, varied, contemporary selection of plates and cutlery. Everything you might conceivably need, from dipping bowls to side plates and other ancillary crockery, is readily available in an attractive, modern style.


Jongor provides only the finest in stemmed and tumbler beverage glasses. There exists no celebratory tipple known to man that can escape the broad range of stylish receptacles that this company offers, from decanters and champagne flutes to wine ballons, port glasses, slim jims and even shot glasses.


If your reception-only venue or marquee doesn't have a bar, or you simply don't like the look of the one provided, you can go ahead and hire one of Jongor's practical bottle bars. Fully capable of providing a bar front, bottle cooler-fridges and optics, the Jongor bar range also stretches to bottle bins, corkscrews, cocktail shakers and other miscellaneous accessories.

Fancy a dance at your wedding? Then Jongor's versatile selection of modular, oak dancefloors would be perfect. Need a stage to accommodate a band or DJ? Not a problem, as Jongor has you covered here too!

Crowd-control-style barriers, coat-hangers, table-plan easels and even beds are also available for hire!

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