Bride & Groom John Titcombe
Bride & Groom John Titcombe
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John Titcombe

John Titcombe

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John Titcombe

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  • Bristol's engagement and wedding ring specialists
  • Over six hundred engagement rings in stock
  • Spectacular bespoke design service
  • Bridal jewellery and accessories
  • Certified fair-trade and fair-minded gold
  • Repair and restoration service available

Operating from twin outlets in Bristol and Cirencester, John Titcombe Jewellers are an independent family-run boutique rather passionate about ensuring that choosing jewellery is both relaxed and fun!

With a combined 150 years of experience in Goldsmithery, presently showcasing an impressive selection of stylish rings and jewellery, John Titcombe Jewellers excel in creating bespoke one-of-a-kind rings, specially designed for each individual couple.

Only the very finest metals, diamonds and other precious gems are used to produce these breathtaking pieces, and in fact John Titcombe Jewellers were one of the first goldsmiths in the world to be awarded a licence to sell jewellery entirely made with certified fair-trade and fair-minded gold.


Highly skilled and vastly experienced, John Titcombe has been managing jewellery workshops since he was just 19 years old. After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmiths in 1982, John worked in a small Bath-based jewellery company for 10 years, gaining a wealth of skills and experience before deciding to launch his own business.

So in 1999, John set up shop at No.4 The Mall in Bristol. As a result of the boutique's immediate success, a sister shop opened in Cirencester 4 years later, and in 2008, No.4 The Mall became so popular that it overspilled into No.3 as well!

This specialist wedding and engagement ring boutique can offer couples a dazzling variety of first-class diamonds, all of which are ethically mined and come complete with a certificate of authenticity.

The original source of all precious metals and gems used to produce their exquisite jewellery is very important to John and his team, and the company are proud to have been one of the first in the world to be awarded a licence to offer jewellery certified to have been created from fair-trade and fair-minded gold.

A spectacular array of their bridal jewellery is also on offer - why not take a look at John Titcombe's inspiring gallery to see for yourself!

Wedding and Engagement Rings

John Titcombe Fine Jewellers showcase a striking selection of over six hundred engagement rings at their twin outlets in Bristol and Cirencester, with the additional option to commission a completely bespoke design, handcrafted to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

The boutique's friendly and knowledgeable staff understand that, for most couples, choosing such a significant piece of jewellery can be quite a daunting experience, and they will always take the time to offer highly-informed guidance and advice on finding exactly the right style to suit you.

Engagement and wedding rings are available in a selection of top-quality precious metals, for instance Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Palladium and Red Gold, complemented of course by the very finest gems and diamonds.

Bespoke Designs

John Titcombe's bespoke design service gives each and every couple the unique opportunity to own a piece of jewellery that holds a very special meaning for them. Whether you have an exact idea of the piece of jewellery you would like produced, or perhaps are in need of a little guidance, John and his team will help you to come up with an exclusive design certain to exceed your expectations.

Once your bespoke design has been developed, personal engravings can readily be added, making the piece even more unique – if you wish, these inscriptions can even mimic your own handwriting!

Send John an enquiry to find out more about commissioned pieces - just click the 'Email this business' above, or reveal and dial the telephone number. Alternatively, you could pop by for a chat and a preview of their workmanship!

Nos.3 and 4 The Mall
Clifton Village
No.39 Market Place


  • Julie Ann Abram

    I love my beautiful engagement ring! A classic with a twist! My man did well... Can't wait to choose our wedding rings with you very soon. Thanks so much for the amazing service so far.

  • Tim J Kemp

    There are no words that can express how grateful I am to Mark and his team! They pulled out all the stops to make sure my engagement ring was perfect and would be ready in time for the proposal. The ring took my partners breath away and this could not have been achieved without your endless dedication! We look forward to seeing you next year to arrange for the wedding bands to be made!

  • Wayland Coles

    I'll never forget the way these guys pulled out all the stops on the morning of my wedding to make, polish and deliver my new wedding ring in 24 hours! Having ordered it 6 weeks before I only picked the ring up at 9pm two days before the wedding. Through no fault of their own the ring wasn't right. Arriving at my house at 9.30am the day before my wedding they then spent most of the day arranging a new ring in record time. The guy drove the ring down from Birmingham the morning of my wedding and delivered it to me with minutes to spare. Slightly stressful! Probably the best service I've ever received from any company ever.

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