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Dresses & Suits Jessica Turner Designs
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Jessica Turner Designs

Jessica Turner Designs

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Jessica Turner Designs

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  • Innovative wedding dress designer
  • Based near Marlborough in Wiltshire
  • Bespoke, hand-crafted bridalwear
  • Beautiful textures, unique compositions
  • Lovely range of bridesmaids' dresses
  • Extensive range of shapes and styles
  • Timeless designs, traditional techniques
  • Detailed consultation, numerous fittings

If you're looking for a unique wedding gown that's elegant, timeless but perhaps a little bit edgy, Jessica Turner can create it. This innovative designer makes completely bespoke dresses with intricate, hand-sewn lace, yarn and beadwork detailing. Liberal use of knitted or crochet pieces really sets Jessica's dresses apart, with the combination of textures creating a fresh and unique look.

Passionate about designing each bride's dream dress, Jessica will work tirelessly to create a gown that fits perfectly, reflects your personality and makes you feel amazing. Upon arrival in Manton High Street, near Marlborough, you will be treated to a detailed consultation and numerous fittings in Jessica's home studio, ensuring that the creation process is relaxed, homely and enjoyable.


After studying fashion and textiles at university and completing a teaching degree, Jessica taught design technology. In Sydney, Australia she took the opportunity to undertake some freelance work, designing outfits for clients going to the races! Soon after, Jessica Turner Designs was born, and lucky UK brides were given the chance to have their wedding dresses created by Jessica.

The Dresses

Jessica Turner designs elegant, timeless wedding dresses that are individually styled and tailored to suit each bride. Every gown is designed and hand-made in the UK from high-quality, flawless fabrics and yarns that combine to create gorgeous textures and a truly unique look. From intricate corseted dresses to simple A-line or sheath gowns - Jessica will bring your dream dress to life.

Knitted And Crochet Embellishments

Jessica's signature knitted and crochet embellishments mark her out as a truly innovative and unique designer. Traditional dress fabrics are beautifully overlaid with knitted pieces as a stunning and intriguing alternative to lace. Elaborate beadwork or crochet elements are lovingly hand-sewn onto the gowns; these finishing touches really set Jessica's dresses apart from other designers.

Bridesmaids' Dresses

Jessica not only believes that brides should feel stunning in their gowns, but she also creates gorgeous bridesmaids' dresses. If you like sweet and simple dresses or more intricate pieces complete with Jessica's signature knitted work, all you need do is ask.

Bespoke Service

Jessica believes that a bride's dress should match her personality, and so offers a detailed initial consultation and several fittings in order to ensure that the final dress is perfect for her client. All consultations and fittings take place in Jessica's own home near Marlborough, to ensure that the design process is relaxed and enjoyable. You can even bring along your family and your friends!

Whether you would wish to have a completely new dress designed for you, or perhaps prefer to wear one of Jessica's previous designs altered to suit your individual style and tastes, you are sure to be left feeling and looking beautiful on your wedding day.

If you would like Jessica Turner to design and create your wedding dress, get in touch using the contact details below.

Jessica Turner Designs
High Street


  • Vicky King

    'I asked Jessica Turner to design and make my wedding dress.
    She gave me a few drawing options and I picked the one I had in mind.
    She used her own knitted design and chantilly lace to make it look antique and boning to structure my figure. Not only did she make it within 3 months, and with a 6 month old daughter at the time, she did an amazing job. The detail on the sleeves and back was my favourite part. I was so pleased with it and it made my wedding day!

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