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Entertainment Imperial Bird of Prey Academy
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Imperial Bird of Prey Academy

Imperial Bird of Prey Academy

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Imperial Bird of Prey Academy

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  • Barn owl wedding ring delivery service
  • Over 300 successful ring deliveries
  • Will have rehearsals with the ring bearer
  • Have photos with the owl after the ceremony if you desire
  • Can be arranged as a surprise for your guests
  • Prices start from £350 depending on location of venue

If you are looking for a magical alternative to traditional ring delivery then Imperial Bird of Prey Academy may be just what you're looking for. They are based in Essex and offer an alternative ring delivery service. You can impress your guests with an expertly trained barn owl flying down the aisle and landing upon your chosen ring bearer's arm whether it be the best man, a bridesmaid, page boy it is one way of making your wedding day one to remember.

They have had over 300 successful ring deliveries and for all the owl lovers out there you also have the chance to handle and have photos with the barn owl after the service so you can document the truly amazing and magical experience. Also, there's no need to worry as you will attend rehearsals at their headquarters and then practices on the big day to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing so the service happens without a hitch.


The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy is the leading bird of prey academy in Essex. The company is run by owners - Gary Muirden and Faith Scott and are based in close proximity to London at Barleylands Farm and Craft Village. They believe that 'the best way to spread the conservational message is through education' and is why they offer experience days, schools visits and more. Gary, Faith and their team rescue birds of prey that are in need of saving and provide them with a safe and nurturing home.

They decided to offer a wedding ring delivery service after someone requested it for their wedding and as owls are becoming increasingly popular the Imperial Bird of Prey Academy decided to offer the service publicly as they feel it is a unique and magical element to add to your wedding.

The Owls

The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy has rescued barn owls to give them a better quality of life. Now they can fly free, have proper housing and are fed daily. Currently, they have two owls: Magic and Mystic who take it in turns, having rest periods for three to four months, as the ring delivery owl at weddings.

They are also training two young barn owls: Midnight and Majesty who will soon be part of the ever popular ring delivery service.

The Service

The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy can cater to your needs whether you want your guests to know or you'd rather keep it a surprise. You and the ring bearer - the best man, page boy, flower girl or whoever you choose, will have the opportunity to rehearse at the academy in Essex so that they know what will happen and what they are required to do in terms of 'calling' the owl and unclipping the rings.

On your big day the staff will arrive early at your venue to let the owl fly around and get used to its surroundings. There will be a few practices at the venue with the chosen ring bearer so the owl can familiarise itself in a calm environment. If it is a surprise then the staff will try their best to be discreet when getting the owl out for the big moment.

The service will cost £350 but is subject to change depending on the location of your venue and travel costs.

Prices start from £350

Special Offer

The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy requires a £50 deposit before the wedding to secure the owl for your particular day. If, however, you decide that you don't want the owl ring delivery service you can use the £50 deposit towards an experience day at the academy so that you don't lose out.

For more information about booking one of the Imperial Bird of Prey Academy's owls for you wedding then please use the contact buttons listed above and below.

Imperial Bird of Prey Academy
Barleylands Farm and Craft Village
Barleylands Road
CM11 2UD
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