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Eclipse Live Music

Eclipse Live Music

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Eclipse Live Music

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  • Compact musical trio with a big sound
  • Covering swing, motown, rock n roll and current pop
  • Engaging and fun musical performance
  • Offering live guitar and piano along with three vocals
  • Mixture of male and female vocals
  • Offering personalised music options
  • Providing music for all aspects of your wedding day
  • Tailored price quotes for a bespoke experience

Enjoy a diverse repertoire of music with this engaging and professional three piece band covering the classics from swing, rock n roll, Motown and current chart toppers. This versatile band offers something for everyone and they understand the importance of ensuring the music is exactly what you want.

Offering personalised playlist options, this talented trio ensure the music for your wedding celebrations reflects you and your partner’s tastes and ensures your guests are up on the dance floor during your evening reception celebrations.


This dynamic wedding band is comprised of three talented musicians. Caroline is lead vocals and provides a beautiful and powerful female sound. James is on guitar and also is on male vocals. Ian provides a fantastic piano sound as well as vocals.

This harmonious trio offer fantastic and unique live music that can be enjoyed by all, whether you are planning an intimate affair or lavish occasion.

Between them, they have numerous years’ experience in the music industry and have performed for a countless amount of weddings and events, so you can feel rest assured that your musical entertainment is in great hands.

The Service

This band offers a number of performance options in the form of tiers - much like a wedding cake - depending on what brides and grooms are looking for. An example of the tier options can be found below:

Top Tier

This covers musical options for your ceremony, offering personalised live music that is tailored to you. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful acoustic version of your favourite song or a full on production, the band can create something bespoke.

Middle Tier

Filling any gaps in the order of the day, music in the middle of the wedding day ultimately elevates your celebrations.

From relaxing patio music during reception drinks to background sounds for your wedding breakfast, Eclipse can play a variety of unobtrusive jazz, swing or chilled modern covers.

Bottom Tier

Enable all of your family and friends to let their hair down and party away to the impressive sounds form Eclipse.

Playing a combination of styles to cater to all, the band works incredibly closely with you to ensure the music you have always dreamt of for your wedding reception comes to life.


With a diverse repertoire that spans generations, Eclipse Live Music can cater for and entertain all members of the family, young and old alike.

Take a look at their repertoire below:

Performance and Audio

On your wedding day this musical trio work with their very own pre-recorded tracks. If you are simply looking for relaxing dinner music or non-stop dance tracks to get you and your guests on the dance floor, Eclipse Live Music can cater for your unique celebration.

To find out more, contact Eclipse Live Music directly via the contact buttons below and to the side of the screen.

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