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Cut The Mustard

Cut The Mustard Ceilidh

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Cut The Mustard Ceilidh

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  • Traditional, folk and ceilidh band
  • Based around Worcestershire and Gloucestershire
  • Will play at gigs all across the country
  • Can organise a ceilidh with their own dance-caller
  • Three to six-piece line-up depending on requirements
  • Mix of traditional British folksongs and modern tunes

Meet Cut The Mustard, an experienced Irish and traditional folk ensemble based in the North Gloucestershire and Worcestershire area, who travel to events, weddings, barndances, hoedowns and much more across the South West region and beyond. Ranging from a compact but effective three-piece to the foot-stomping, thigh-slapping six-piece complete with dance-caller, they are more than capable of turning any event or space into a veritable party.

Featuring a number of musicians with long, interesting careers in the profession, they all come together to forge their excellent harmony, and are perfect for marrying couples looking for that traditional, folky vibe at their wedding.

Find out if the band are free, along with getting a quote, by clicking on the 'Make An Enquiry' button above or by revealing the telephone number and giving them a ring!

Meet the Band

The core musicians of Cut The Mustard are comprised of their multi-instrumentalist and accordion-player Roger Champkin, the violinists Joanna King and Helen Wilding Smith, guitarist Richard Revett, and finally percussionist John Spinetto on drumkit.

Of course, as they range from a three-piece to a six-piece depending on your budget or requirements, there are a number of guest musicians and callers to consider too.


Cut The Mustard play a wide range of traditional Celtic tunes drawn from across the British Isles, with a few well-known jazz and pop songs thrown in for good measure. Here's a very quick but representative selection of the classic songs they perform:-

  • Whiskey In The Jar
  • Carrickfergus
  • Lakes Of Pontchartrain
  • Fairytale Of New York
  • Town I Loved So Well
  • Fields Of Athenry
  • Black Velvet Band
  • Wild Rover
  • Star Of The County Down
  • Dirty Old Town
  • Follow Me Up To Carlow
  • Ride On

Performance and Audio

The band will provide their own PA equipment, and any choice of pre-recorded music can be broadcast over this system to provide atmospheric background music during breaks between sets. Cut The Mustard appear in different configurations, depending on your budget, your venue space, and the number of guests attending your big day.

3-piece – Accordion, fiddle and guitar

3-piece - Accordion, fiddle and dance-caller

4-piece - Accordion, two fiddles and guitar

5-piece - Accordion, two fiddles, guitar, dance-caller

6-piece – Accordion, two fiddles, guitar, drums, dance-caller


Cut The Mustard are able to put everything together for an amazing traditional ceilidh dance. They will provide an experienced and capable caller – extremely important if you want your ceilidh to go well, especially if the majority of your guests are novices.

Have a listen to a few selected sample tracks of Cut The Mustard in action below:-

Black Velvet Band

Flowers Of Edinburgh


Major Mackies

Michael Turners

Scotland The Brave

'tWas Within A Mile

Tam Lin

To book Cut The Mustard for your wedding just get in touch by clicking on the buttons below or head over to their website to learn more.


  • Stephanie

    Even the most reluctant of dancers were persuaded to the dance floor!

  • Craig

    Everyone enjoyed themselves and the mix of dance, music and song was exactly right. You make a lovely sound and work hard to give everyone a good time.

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