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Vintage Wheels
  • Based between Bridgwater and Glastonbury
  • Impressive and varied fleet of over 20 vintage cars
  • Classic vehicles from 1912 to 1988
  • Escorted by an experienced chauffeur
  • Backup vehicle on standby in case of a breakdown
  • Cars owned by anyone from nobility to gangsters

Based mid-way between Bridgwater and Glastonbury in the rural village of Catcott, the highly-reputed, long-established Vintage Wheels have been hiring out their large fleet of impeccable vintage cars since 1989. The impressive collection of cars is over 20 strong, and features genuine restored vehicles dating from as far back as 1912 all the way through to classic examples of the 1980s.

Nothing can beat the feeling and head-turning ability of authentic vintage cars - the roar of their old cranks and pistons firing up! Vintage Wheels' cars have real history, have travelled from across the world to be a part of their fleet, and have respectively been owned by a variety of notable characters over the years, from royalty and nobility to lords, mayors and even notorious gangsters!

You just have to see these cars to believe their amazing quality and charisma. Get in touch with Lorraine or Bob by either clicking the 'Make An Enquiry' button above or revealing and dialling the phone number to arrange a viewing of the vehicles.


1912 Renault - similar to the model featured in the famous scene in James Cameron's 'Titanic', this white and red century-old car is a true delight to ride in! It's a convertible too, and seats 6 passengers.

1915 Reo Tourer - This lovely 6-seater ivory and black convertible joined the fleet in 2002, after being perfectly restored. It now features a black leather interior - truly sumptuous.

1916 La France - This huge convertible did valuable civic service in the American Fire Department. Today it's an impressive black and green behemoth, able to seat up to 6.

1917 Hudson - The 4.5 litre Hudson comes in ivory and dark blue, and used to serve as an Australian mayor's principal method of transport. It features a black leather interior, is convertible, and seats 6.

1920s Cars

1924 Buick - This iconic Buick saloon is finished in white and black. It can seat 6 passengers, and has a pale-grey interior.

1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost - This classic British car has been restored to all its former glory. The 7.5-litre beast comes in black and maroon, and has a luxurious deep-red velvet interior. It can also seat 6.

There is also a gorgeous maroon and black 1924 Cadillac, a blue and black 1925 Buick, and a Burgundy and black 1926 Hudson.

1927 Packard - This 4-seater example has been a part of the Vintage Wheels fleet since 1996, featuring a brown and ivory finish and the grey cloth interior from the original car.

1928-1988 Cars

1928 Cars - Vintage Wheels' collection of 1928 cars includes the Packard (a larger, ivory and blue version of the 4-seater 1927 model), a grey and black Lincoln and a pale green and Burgundy Studebaker. All of these vehicles can seat 6 passengers.

1929 Lanchester - This yellow and dark blue Landaulette (small convertible section at the rear) seats 6, and has a red leather interior.

1930s Cars

From the 1930s, Vintage Wheels present the ivory and dark blue Cadillac (seats 4 - and was Vintage Wheels' first acquisition for their fleet!) and an ivory and dark blue Sunbeam for 6 people.

1931 Cadillac - This limousine has spent a great deal of time in South America, before being displayed in museums in Switzerland and Ireland, then eventually shipped over to the UK. Ivory and dark blue, it seats 6.

1934 Pierce Arrow - This gorgeous, rare and iconic 6-seater limousine comes in ivory and maroon, and was thought to have been originally used by gangsters in Boston, as it arrived in black with blacked out windows!

1935 Daimler - This blue and black 6-seater, strongly believed to have been the abdicated King Edward VIII's method of transport when living in France, actually was the car regularly featured in ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot!

1936 Rolls-Royce Wraith - Originally owned by a German Baron, this amazing limousine seats up to 6 and comes in yellow and black.

1981 Rolls-Royce - This car has presence and distinctive retro style - with four spare seats, it's perfect as a follow-on car or even for exclusive hire.

1988 Bentley - This 25-year-old car is perfect for those looking for something comparatively modern. Dark blue, it comfortably seats 4.

The Service

All of the Vintage Wheels cars are fully insured, and will be driven by an experienced professional chauffeur on the day. These smartly-dressed and uniformed individuals are always sensitive to your needs, so you can rest assured that the transport aspect of your big day is completely under control.

Worried about a breakdown? Vintage Wheels always ensure that a backup car and driver is available in the unlikely event that one of their vehicles does break down.

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