Entertainment The Gadjo Gypsies
Entertainment The Gadjo Gypsies
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The Gadjo Gypsies

The Gadjo Gypsies

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The Gadjo Gypsies

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  • Klezmer, gypsy and rock'n'roll band
  • Young, talented, exciting and fresh
  • Nominally based in the South East
  • Play at weddings across the country
  • Flexible, versatile 3- to 6-piece band
  • Extensive, eclectic party music repertoire
  • 3 x 40-minute or 2 x 60-minute sets
  • Top-quality PA system inclusive of hire

Nothing beats the unbridled energy of a klezmer outfit at the top of their game. The Gadjo Gypsies are a fresh, young but hugely experienced klezmer-meets-rock'n'roll band, nominally based in the South East but willing to travel all over the country to present their show, and they can be relied on to deliver their punchy Balkan-inspired performance at wedding celebrations all year round.

Flexible and versatile, The Gadjo Gypsies perform as anything from a compact trio to the larger, louder six-piece band depending on your requirements, the size of your venue and, importantly, how much of a party you want to have. The group even have their own PA system, so all they need is a covered space to play, an electrical power-source and an audience willing to have some fun!


The full six-piece ensemble showcases delightful clarinet and saxophone from Dave Shulman, plus vibrantly lamenting violin and vocals from Mr Chancery Blame, ably supported by a hand-picked collection of incredibly talented instrumentalists on the likes of double-bass, guitar, accordion and drums. Smaller bands will omit certain instruments, leaving a balance of melody and backline.


Amalgamate a colourful mix of gypsy music drawing on the folk tradition of the Balkan Peninsula including Hungary, Romania and other micro-cultures, and you've got the basis for this fantastic band's repertoire. Add to this more than a dash of Jewish klezmer, rock, pop, gypsy punk, vaudeville and even breakbeats.The result is too diverse to pin down easily - contact the band for details.

Performance And Audio

You can feature the wonderfully eclectic music of The Gadjo Gypsies on your big day in a number of different ways. Select from a basic three-piece, perhaps as background to a drinks reception, or go for a four, five or six-piece for the full-on party experience.

The Gadjo Gypsies will attend your big day for a total of three hours, and you can choose three 40-minute or two 60-minute sets.

Have a listen to some of their sound in action below.

Clejani Revisited


Good Times Sarba

March Hora

Pretty Face

The Bitch That Stole My Wife

The Lark

Unzer Toirele

To find out more information, get in touch with The Gadjo Gypsies via the contact details at the bottom of this listing.


  • Charlie Ashcroft - Artocker Magazine

    The violin-wielding frontman of the Gadjo Club has the type of intriguing personality which shines through on a record such as this. They won’t be one of the capital’s best-kept secrets for long.

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