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Stephen Richardson Photography

Stephen Richardson

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Stephen Richardson

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  • Wedding photographer in the Bristol/South West area
  • See exclusive offer below
  • Photography packages from £1,195
  • All packages inclusive of a pre-wedding shoot
  • 300 fully-edited, joint-copyright images
  • Wedding Wishes photo-booth service from £150
  • Full-day attendance as standard
  • Fine A4 and A3 albums available

Award-winning wedding photographer Stephen Richardson (SRWP) regularly shoots in the Bristol and South West area, and often finds himself travelling across the region to capture the hearts and memories of countless brides and grooms.

Steve is offering a complimentary 'Signing Board' to those who book his services via The Wedding Secret. Get in touch with Steve by clicking the 'Make An Enquiry' button above in order to take full advantage of this offer!

Steve offers complimentary pre-wedding shoots inclusively, along with other services such as full- day coverage as standard, fully-edited photographs, a stunning range of albums and more besides - all of which is equally matched by his warm personality (an invaluable asset in a wedding photographer) and simply wonderful photographs. There are additional extras such as a Wedding Wishes photo-booth available too.


Stephen is an avid photographer whose speciality lies in capturing weddings. He has been working behind the lens (in a commercial sense) for over seven years, but as a passionate photography enthusiast, he has a whole life's worth of experience to his name. Always a creative soul at heart, Steve's interest was kindled as far back as his schooldays, where he developed a healthy passion for art and particularly symmetry, eventually graduating to camerawork and viewing life through a lens.

Accolades And Awards

Over the years, this award-winning photographer has won a number of recognitions and prestigious affiliations. He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) - both organisations demanding stringent requirements for qualification and inclusion.

He was recently listed as a Regional Finalist for the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards.

The Photos

Crisp, colourful and clear, Steve shows a genuine ability to utilise both natural and artificial light to their fullest. Besides this, expect excellent framing, an eye-catching deployment of a shallow depth of field and intricate, thoughtful composition.

Steve is an expert in capturing perfect spontaneous instants in time - beautifully soft and textured at certain moments and sharp and crisp at others.

He also clearly loves to focus in on less important features and otherwise missable details such as the intricate curls of your hard-laboured-over hair, wedding rings in a spectrum of dappled sunlight, individual drops of falling rain as you huddle together with your newlywed partner under a shared umbrella, or even charming little cameos of your boutonniere or the venue decorations - he truly tells the story of the day.

Add to this a distinctive ability for subtle (not overdone) digital editing and you have an all-round fantastic wedding photographer.

Packages and Special Offer

Stephen Richardson Photography is offering registered Wedding Secret users a free 60x50cm signing board when they book via our website! Chosen from your inclusive pre-wedding shoot, an A4 image will be displayed within the 60x50cm frame on the day itself so your guests can leave little messages for you to cherish forever!

This item as an optional extra feature normally costs £99.

Just reveal the telephone number above and give Stephen a call or click the 'Make An Enquiry' button to take advantage of this offer.


Stephen offers two straightforward and simple-to-understand packages.

Standard Package
  • Preliminary meetings
  • Pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot, with 30 images as a product
  • Full-day wedding coverage
  • Digital copy of 400 fully-edited images with jointly-held copyright
  • Images in both high and low resolution, in black and white and colour
  • Online private gallery of all images
  • Price - £1,295 on weekends and £1,195 on weekdays
Platinum Package

The Platinum Package includes everything above, but with the addition of a stunning wedding album of 30 pages at A4 - this can be upgraded to an A3 album at a small extra charge. You will also be provided with a sumptuous handmade linen envelope decorated with embroidery of your choice in which to store your photograph album.

Price - £1,795 on weekends and £1,595 on weekdays

Get in touch with Steve either by clicking the 'Email this business' button above, or by revealing the telephone number and giving him a call.

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